Zurich’s best contemporary art galleries

Zurich is a city at the forefront of contemporary art, with a myriad of world-class exposition venues and galleries. Our insider guide will help you pick out the best.
In the past two decades, Zurich’s art scene has truly blown up. Cutting-edge experimental work and avant-garde trials have been encouraged by the many exceptional galleries and exposition centres that have collected around the world-famous Löwenbräu-Areal of Zurich.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite places to see astounding pieces by both established and up-and-coming artists from Switzerland and all over the world.

Peter Kilchmann Galerie

A true lover of art, Peter Kilchmann opened his current revolutionary gallery in the Löwenbräu complex in 1996, in what used to be a brewery. Together with several other galleries and exposition venues, they transformed this industrial sector of Zurich into a quarter buzzing with experimental art and exploration.

After almost twenty years, this gallery maintains this feeling of artistic freedom. Longstanding partnerships around the globe bring new and exciting pieces every single day so that no two trips are ever exactly alike.

Visit Website - Peter Kilchmann

Migros Museum of Contemporary Art

Part of the same Zurich art rebirth as the Peter Kilchmann Galerie, the Migros Museum is a fitting neighbour. Collaboration is key to such artistic ventures, and the Migros Museum’s close cooperation with both new and established artists to create mostly awe-inspiring, large-scale productions that test the boundaries of the artistic realm.

Ideal for open-minded art aficionados, the Migros Museum also features a vast collection of minimalist art and modern paintings from Switzerland and Germany in its paired-down art-space.

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Galerie Bob Van Orsouw

Galerie Bob Van Orsouw started small. Originally housed in a private apartment in 1988, it eventually found its present incarnation with the Kilchmann Galerie and the Migros Museum in the former brewery.

At the forefront of today’s art scene, this exceptional gallery has become an integral supporter of new and international contemporary art. Its project space is a forum for the world’s best new creators and perfectly complements its neighbours in the Löwenbräu complex.

Visit Website - Bob van Orsouw

Hauser & Wirth

Another exceptional addition to the Löwenbräu complex is the Hauser and Wirth gallery, which features some of the world’s masters of modern and contemporary art.

Founded by Iwan and Manuela Wirth along with Ursula Hauser, this well-renowned gallery regularly draws some of the biggest names in today’s art world. So successful were its years in Zurich, Hauser and Wirth has expanded to include spaces in London and, soon, in New York.

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Galerie Eva Presenhuber

A perfect way to finish off a trip to the Löwenbräu complex is with a visit to the Eva Presenhuber gallery and exposition space.

Founded back in 1989, the exposition has become famous the world over for its exceptionally flexible and supportive space for artists and viewers alike. Never the same thing twice, this gallery will have you going back over and over again.

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