9 Best Clubs in Zurich

From high end to underground, and everything in between the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland has a booming nightlife, this ranks the best of the best along with an inside scoop in order to ensure the best clubbing experience.

1. Kaufleuten – The ultimate clubbing experience.

Known as one of the biggest and most upscale clubs in Zurich, Kaufleuten (Pelikanstrasse 18, 8001 Zürich) regularly hosts world famous DJs and throws extraordinary events. The crowd tends to be 18-22, and Unless you are getting bottle service or have a girl to guy ratio of 5:1 you probably wont get in or will have to wait for up to an hour, but once you are in you will understand what the wait is for and you are guaranteed an experience that is unmatched in Zurich.

Top Tip: Costa De Soul for example every Tuesday is a must. A strictly hip-hop event that attracts a young and surprisingly large crowd is the go to place on a Tuesday.

Entrance: $$$$

Beer: $$$$

Visit Website - http://www.kaufleuten.ch

2. Alice Choo – A one of a kind experience.

A new comer in the Zurich club scene, Alice Choo (Limmatstrasse 275, 8005 Zürich) has already made a big name for itself, offering a unique and intimate experience. However the experience is quite pricey and is known as a luxurious upscale location, but if you have the money this is the place to be. Alice Choo offers a friendly, chic and intimate environment for a more mature crowd 21+ to party the night away. With an exceptional sound system and the very intimate downstairs lounge area known as the rabbits hole. Alice Choo offers and unparalleled experience to its partygoers.

Top Tip: Every Saturday night/Sunday morning Alice Choo offers after hours take place, a must for deep house lovers.

Entrance: $$$$

Beer: $$$

Visit Website - http://alice-choo.ch

3. Plaza – Dance the night away.

Not necessarily one of the biggest names in the Zurich club scene but definitely not one to count out. Usually a 22+ club however. On weekends however Plaza (Badenerstrasse 109, 8004 Zürich) doesn’t fail to impress offering state of the art sound systems and numerous dance floors, it is hard not to have fun with the contagious party vibe.

Top Tip: Every Thursday plaza throws an unmatched student oriented (18+) event. The go to place on a Thursday night for all the party craving students

Entrance: $$

Beer: $$$

Visit Website - http://www.plaza-zurich.ch

4. Blok – The place to go for house and electronic music lovers.

Located in they hip and young Escherwyss Platz, Blok (Schiffbaustrasse 3, 8005 Zurich) is a club for techno die-hard teens (18+). An underground vibe for teens to dance the night away and live like there is no tomorrow, however it is only open Friday and Saturday, however it is currently closed for the summer and will reopen August 29th. In Blok there isn’t really a dress code and is always filled with hundreds of like-minded partiers. Unlike most Swiss things Blok is very reasonably priced. Blok is the place to go to have fun, not to be seen.

Top Tip: The reopening Street parade after party is going to be one you won’t want to miss, for the best of electro music head over to Blok to keep the Street parade techno vibes going.


Beer: $$

Visit Website - http://www.blok-club.ch

5. Mascotte – There is a reason the club has been around for almost 100 years.

With almost a 100-year legacy in the nightlife business, Mascotte (Theaterstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich) knows what they are doing. A very popular club that has a lot to offer for a crowd of all ages, minimum age is 20 for girls and 22 for guys. The club speaks to everyone, being not outrageously overpriced but at the same time has an understated luxorious side to it. Mascotte is one of older clubs in Zurich, and you can feel the history in the building whilst perfectly blending in a modern deco. Mascotte has something to offer for everyone on almost everyday of the week from techno to R&B.

Top Tip: Mascotte is one of the only clubs to host an event on Monday fittingly called “cool Mondays” if your schedule permits it, it is worth going to.

Entrance: $-$$$

0CHF – Monday

0CHF – Wednesday

15CHF – Thursday

15CHF – Friday

25CHF – Saturday

Beer: $$

Visit Website - http://www.mascotte.ch/

6. Jade – Treat yourself to excellence.

The modern and chic, Jade (Brandschenkestrasse 25 8002 Zürich) is typically reserved for Zurich’s elite with a very fashionable and mature crowd. The club is quite pricey as the bar is stocked with top shelf spirits and champagnes. However by no means is this strictly a upper-class club, everyone is welcome and everyone is guaranteed a good time. Whatever the occasion Jade will exceed your expectations. The music is generally house and party tunes. The club is only open on Friday and Saturday and is 21+.

Top Tip: The 5 Year anniversary party for the models exposed event is sure to be a over the top and sold out event, the event is one of the most prestigious and popular is Zürich, who doesn’t want to party with models?

Entrance: $$$

Beer: $$$

Visit Website - http://www.jade.ch/

7. Aura – prepare to be amazed.

A unique club located in the center of Zurich right near paradeplatz. Aura (Bleicherweg 5, 8001 Zurich) has a 450m2 main dance floor with a 9m high ceiling and a 360° project screen circling the dance floor. Aura is unlike any other club in Zurich. The crowd is 21+ and is more upscale but it is still a club for all partygoers, with music of all genres blasting till early in the morning. Aura is closed from July 11th – August 29th for summer.

Top Tip: Check out the Aura restaurant for a unique blend between international and European cuisine, something not many restaurants in Zurich are able to offer.

Entrance: $$$$

Beer: $$$

Visit Website - http://aura-zurich.ch/

8. Hive – a rave paradise.

From Thursday- Saturday Hive (Geroldstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich) caters to the young adults (18+) of Zurich by offering an over elaborate music paradise. Located in Escherwyss Platz Hive is the mega club of Zurichs west side. The Club houses 3 dance floors all with their own vibe the main dance floor has a 450m2 dancefloor with overwhelming lights and lasers, the perfect atmosphere to get caught up in the music and enjoy yourself. But when the lights and music becomes too much you can go relax in the lounge upstairs. Hive boasts a remarkable sound system the club is a must for house and techno lovers.

Top Tip: Make sure to check out Hive on a Saturday night for a true underground rave type atmosphere.

Entrance: $$

Beer: $$

Visit Website - http://www.hiveclub.ch

9. Club Hiltl – amazing food and great party vibes.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the world renounced restaurant hiltl transforms into club Hiltl (St. Annagasse 16, 8001 Zürich). The club continues to maintain the same standard of quality, as its restaurant offering a luxurious and modern clubbing experience that Zurich is so well known for. Hiltl is simple in a sense that on Fridays they play house, Saturdays they play hip hop and Sunday is open format. It is usually the typical entrance standards no need to dress over the top but dress to impress. The crowd is 21+ and the people are all full of ecstatic party vibes.

Top Tip: Unique to Hiltl is the Sunday Gastro Party a must for people “who didn’t have enough” as they like to say.

Entrance: $$$

Beer: $$$

Visit Website - http://www.hiltl.ch/

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