Wedding customs and traditions in Switzerland

Even in Switzerland, different traditions have grown up around the most special day of your life. We highlight a few of the best.
Each region, in fact almost every valley, has long passed on traditions from one generation to the next. It‘s often the case that the more rural the area, the more extraordinary the tradition. Since most weddings these days have more of an international mix of guests, we’ve picked out some of our favourites that apply everywhere.

The Ring

The wedding ring hasn‘t lost its importance through the centuries. The circular shape represents the never-ending nature of eternity.

In Switzerland, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. It is said that the "love vein" in the ring finger has direct access to the heart and will allow romance to flourish in the marriage.

Bachelorette Parties

The Swiss don‘t have a tradition of hen parties, so there‘s less danger of everything getting smashed to pieces in the Alpine region.

Typically, the friends of the bride and groom organise separate events, including travelling to other countries for a few days. While it‘s true that some opt for a really intense celebration, the parties are mainly a way to symbolise giving up your "freedom" by letting your hair down.

Many girls also treat themselves to a break in a lovely spa hotel and take the opportunity to really get pampered.

As a wedding planner, we recommend all wedding couples to hold their bachelor parties at least a few weeks prior to the wedding.

So in case you need to wait for injuries to heal or a plaster cast to be removed, you‘ll have some time to play with. Yes, the Swiss know how to party ...


In Switzerland, there‘s no tradition of throwing rice. Instead, sweets made especially for the occasion will be thrown at the bride and groom as they come out of the church.

These colorful little squares have amusing snippets wisdom on the back of the sweetie wrappers. Of course, they‘re not entirely harmless: if one of these "Zältli" makes a direct hit, it can really hurt…

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