Getting married in Switzerland

Find out all what you need to know to start planning your dream wedding in Switzerland.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. You must find a location, fill out paperwork, buy the rings... But don‘t worry, we cover all that to help you celebrate the perfect civil wedding ceremony in Switzerland. Read everything about the actual ceremony on page 2!

5. Wedding location

Who hasn’t seen the beautiful open air weddings in American movies? Unfortunately, outdoor weddings are not possible in Switzerland. However, there are some magical wedding premises throughout the country whether you want something small and intimate or to make a big splash. 

After all, nothing compares to the beauty of our lakes in summer and a boat trip is always a delight. Or perhaps you’re dreaming of snowy slopes, blue skies and a  sleigh ride with your sweetheart. How romantic is that?

4. Required paperwork

Before you can get married in Switzerland, you need to have completed all the necessary paperwork and have had all the documents approved. You also need to arrange for two witnesses to officiate at your wedding ceremony.

Swiss citizens are required to fill out a document called Gesuch um Vorbereitung der Eheschliessung and need a valid passport or identity card. Those who do not live in the canton of residence will need to provide a certificate of residence in addition.

Foreign residents of Switzerland should check with the canton which documents they need. Typically, you will need

• Birth certificate
• Record of civil status / certificate of no impediment of marriage
• Proof of residence
• Previous marriage certificates

If you are a foreign resident living in Switzerland, you will also need a copy of your residency documents (Ausländerausweises and Wohnsitzbescheinigung)

If you have been married previously, you will need to bring the legal documentation of your divorce, or a death certificate in case of having been widowed.  

All documentation must be sent by post to the Registry Office beforehand. Usually, everything has to be translated into one of the official languages of Switzerland and attested by a notary public.

Be certain to arrange this well in advance since it may take a while before everything is cleared and certified. In some instances, the certificates are only available from your country‘s embassy in Switzerland.

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