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Find out more about MFO, the first medical emergency service to travel with you worldwide from Switzerland.
Medical emergencies do not always occur under exceptional circumstances. Regardless of your general health, they can also catch you unawares while you are going about your daily business. While jogging, dining at a restaurant, in a hotel room abroad, while on a cruise or trek…

What should you do when the doctor is not there?

What to do, what decision to make, when you don’t have access to your personal doctor and medical record?

The number of private and business journeys is constantly rising. Therefore the chance that a holiday or a business trip is interrupted by an accident or an illness has also risen.

During their experience gained in the field of medical repatriation and as medical advisors of the Touring Club Suisse (TCS), Dr. Patrick Praplan, Dr. Francis Meier, Dr. Philippe Dussoix and Dr. François Cerruti, have often been faced with tricky medical situations which have occurred abroad.

Working at the Hôpital de la Tour, one of the leading private hospital in Geneva, the four head physicians of the Emergency Department wanted to do something in response to the expectations of some of their patients who had expressed the desire for tailor-made medical monitoring during their frequent trips.

This is how a unique emergency service was conceived and how it gave rise to Medical Family Office (MFO). Based in Geneva, MFO provides a new approach of entirely personalised emergency service, which is adapted its members’ lifestyle, business or family trips as well as to their state of health.

MFO guarantees direct access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a doctor with direct access to the patient’s medical record.

The MFO USP: the personalised medical kit

Acting as a true mobile pharmacy, this medical kit contains all the common medicines as well as those required for the patient’s state of health. The MFO kit is also optionally equipped with a cutting edge telemedicine device which allows the patient’s vital parameters to be sent to your doctor. As the combination of skills, knowledge and expertise is the guarantee of an optimal emergency situations management, MFO is proud to work in partnership with Hôpital de la Tour and Rega (medical emergency assistance by air).

What does MFO offer you?

  • Direct and permanent link to Swiss emergency medical expertise
  • Specialist on hand to deal with your requirements, anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Individual modular medical case
  • Individual medical record
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