Zumthor Therme Vals – Insider Tips for a perfect experience

I recently visited the Zumthor Therme in Vals – what an experience! It was actually my second visit – and this time it was so much nicer… so I thought I would share my experiences of how to enjoy this magnificent place the most.

1. Avoid the masses

My first visit was on a weekend and I came only for a single day. The thermal bath was crowded and - honestly – the experience was not so nice. This place thrives on the quietness and the mystique of its architecture and ambiance.

Well, it’s probably not very surprising then to recommend “visiting the thermal bath during the week”… But did you know that if you stay at the 7132 Hotel the thermal bath is exclusively reserved to guests from 7-11 a.m.? So if you combine a weekday with a stay at 7132 Hotel you almost have it to yourself– I went at 9 a.m and there were only 2 other guests in the thermal bath. Wow! What an amazing experience! Magical, I swear!

2. Reserve your entrance

Especially on weekends we would recommend you book your spot. Therme Vals only allows a certain number of people to enter at the same time. You can reserve your spot here. If the thermal bath is full the slots will be closed. Another good reason to stay at 7132 Hotel is that guests have a guaranteed entry throughout the day.

Prices vary! If you are staying at one of the hotels in Vals and you bring your “guest card” you only pay 45 CHF for the entrance. If you just come for the day the entrance is 80 CHF.

3. Spa opening hours

Exclusively for guests of 7132 Hotel:

7 – 11

For guests of other hotels or day spa:

11 – 20

4. Staying at 7132 Hotel

You might sense it already – I am a 7132 hotel fan- but combining a visit to the Zumthor thermal bath in Vals with an overnight stay at 7132 Hotel makes sense to me. The hotel consists of several buildings.

The house of architects is the 4star hotel with amazing and totally crazy room concepts.

The 7132 has a new 5star hotel design with top spa suites, amazing jazz entertainment and food concepts.

a) Tadao Ando Rooms

Sleep as if in a Japanese tea-room. Pure lines and wooden ambiance.

b) Kengo Kuma

Sleep like a butterfly in a wooden cocoon!

c) Thom Mayne

Sleep like you’re in a space shuttle – what a trip!!!!

d) Peter Zumthor

Purity rules!

e) Spa Suites of 7132

Absolute Top of 5star Luxury Accommodation with modern, design furniture.

5. Other good hotels

Another really nice hotel is the Brücke 49 hotel. A small bed and breakfast, about a 5 min walk from the thermal bath, with a super nice swiss-danish design. Their motto, come as a guest – leave as a friend, is true. A really cosy place for lower budgets with great style points!

6. Where to eat

Hungry after a full day of relaxing? Amazing but expensive food is served in the RED restaurant– a full experience of great service and incredibly upscale food, or the Dapapà– a quirky Italian restaurant with a super nice interior and amazing food.

7. Extra bonus: Night swimming!

If you are looking for a special experience of the perfect timing to enjoy Therme Vals fully, there is something to try – night swimming! Absolute must for mystic feeling when the symbiosis with water matches the silence and subtle lighting. It is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, one day exclusively for 7132 guests.

Hope you liked the article – if so please share via social media if you want to give us some props! Many thanks for reading and enjoy your trip to Vals!

Article by Peter Zombori

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