Best restos: Lucerne's top dining

Take a taste of Switzerland with our insider guide to the very best restaurants Lucerne has to offer.
Go ahead, indulge yourself. These restaurants bring you the very best of Lucerne dining and a truly tantalising taste of Switzerland. From the exquisite entrée to the last crumbs of cake, it will be all you can do to not lick the plate after sampling one of our favourite dining experiences in Lucerne. 

Totally Traditional: Wirtshaus Galliker

Dark and homy, this restaurant is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Always bustling and jam-packed with people, this tiny, tavern-like restaurant surprises with some of the best food in Lucerne, and maybe even the rest of the world.

The Chögelipastetli especially, is a local favourite, as is the veal stake. Tradition from root to tip, this is the perfect place to get that true taste of Switzerland.

Fine dining: Château Gütsch

For something utterly grand, Château Gütsch is unbeatable. Perched above the city and accessed by funicular, this awe-inspiring palace dates from 1859 and is world-renowned for its sumptuous cuisine.

Splendour and elegance pervade every space of this beautiful establishment. Currently closed for renovations, one can only imagine what wonders will be unveiled when it reopens later this year.

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Fabulous Fish: Restaurant Reussbad

A surprising blend of Mediterranean, Provencal and Spanish influences are sure to delight the palate at this delightful little restaurant.

Chef Peter Schmidt has honed his skills over 20 years of cooking all over the world, including the famous Dorchester in London and the Four Seasons in Chicago. Bringing his wealth of experience to this charmingly decorated restaurant, you’re sure to be well fed.

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Coffee and cake: Café Heini

An unmissable delight, Café Heini serves up some of Switzerland’s very best coffee and cakes. A charming street-side address gives this a Parisian-style flare, while the large selection of cakes and snacks are decidedly Swiss. Don’t miss out on anything with chocolate, which is made locally.
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On the lake: Aqua

With an unbeatable location right on the waters of Lake Lucerne, Aqua is the perfect place for an evening meal. Modern and simple elegance surrounds you as you enter, while the terrace overlooking the lake is ideal for romantic meals in the warm summer air.

A creative and delicious conflation of regional and more exotic fare surprises and delights the taste buds, while the unparalleled wines are ideal compliments.

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