7 Tips for the best ski schools in Verbier!

Learning to ski in Verbier – let us help you, to find the best ski schools for beginners, children or adults who like to improve their skills.
Learning how to ski should be fun – otherwise you lose your enthusiasm quickly. There is one thing you need for fun learning and that is a good teacher! For this reason and of course for safety reasons Sebastian Michels checked out the ski schools of Verbier and made an exclusive guide to make sure you always find the best school for your requirements. Sebastian spoke to the teachers, had a look at the courses and talked to the people about their experiences. Nothing can go wrong with this guide!

1. Skischule Fantastique (perfect for Off-Pistenski)

The off slope pioneer Denis Bertholet shared his secrets about off slope skiing with his teachers and they will pass them on to you with pleasure! Those who have booked a course at this ski school often come back at a future date.

Top tip: If you want the teachers will also accompany you on the normal slopes and help you improve your skills!

Visit Website - Skischule Fantastique

2. Adrenaline Ski School (with children school)

The professional ski school in Verbier teaches the children with funny courses and always takes care of the needed security. Adults can also book beginner courses and advanced can improve their skills with the teachers of this school. The groups are a maximum of four persons, enabling you to receive one to one tuition and learn very quickly.

Top tip: You can also book a private teacher at Adrenaline’s Ski School. If you dare give heli-skiing a try!

Visit Website - Adrenaline Ski School

3. Altitude Ski and Snowboard School (for all ages and levels)

The Altitude Ski and Snowboard School is ideal for children and adults. Children will learn playfully in small groups and Adults can book a private teacher or join group courses. They also have lessons for advanced skiers or even off-piste experts. This is an English school with a great understanding of delivering high quality lessons.

Top tip: The ski and snowboard school offers their courses in ten different languages!

Visit Website - Altitude Ski and Snowboard School

4. European Snowsport (individual offers)

The European Snow sport school ensures progression – no matter if you choose a private teacher or a group course. The experienced teachers listen to your needs and work with you on your weaknesses and try to improve your strength.

Top tip: The very experienced teachers know a lot about the ski area and will show you at least one secret place in the ski area of Verbier.

Visit Website - European Snowsport

5. Powder Extreme (ideal for snowboarders)

Off the slopes the teachers show you how to have a great time in powder snow. Especially snowboarders and free riders will enjoy their time at the school with its cool teachers.

Top tips: Rent special powder snow ski equipment to keep your head up in powder snow!

Visit Website - Powder Extreme

6. Warren Smith Ski Academy (International famous ski school)

The Warren Smith Ski Academy is represented in the best ski areas all over the world. You can be sure, that you will be taught by very experienced teachers – including a lot of secret tips about the ski area.

Top tip: The ski academy has huge offers – have a look at their website:

Visit Website - Warren Smith Ski Academy

7. Freeride Verbier (off slope school)

The Freeride Verbier school is the perfect school for everyone who wants to have fun far away from the official slopes. Safety first is the priority but it is still possible that you will break a sweat!

Top tip: The Freeride school also offers a lot of alternative winter sports possibilities, like Iceland tours.

Visit Website - Freeride Verbier

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