Ski destination Saas Fee – the insider tips!

Our guide tells you everything you need to know about slopes for children, families or advanced ones – with tips for black runways, fun parks and an interactive slope plan!
Saas Fee is one of the most popular ski areas of the world, it has got something to offer for every taste – whether your taste is skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, ski tours, cross-country skiing or snowshoe hiking! Our ski expert went up and down the slopes to find everything out you need to know and compiled it into his useful guide!

1. Allalin (Summer ski)

On the glacier at 3,660 metres high, you can not only ski in the wintertime, but also in the summer! In hot weather you can cool on the mountain and you enjoy winter sports! The area is diverse and offers ideal slopes for nearly every level!

Top tip: Here you can also watch the national and international ski teams in training!

2. Saasfee (for everyone)

From the fantastic peaks of the Saastal there are a variety of excellent slopes to ride down. The view of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking and if it is a clear day you will have amazing views! Advanced skiers will especially enjoy this area, but you can also find easy slopes for children or beginners!

Top tip: This is also a great place for passionate climbers – book a guided tour to discover the hidden places on the mountains!

3. Saas-Almagall (for beginners, families and advanced skiers)

In this area you will find many marked blue slopes, these are ideal for children and families. You can also find some marked red slopes, which can be challenging! The slopes numbered 1 and 5 are an insider secret but they are becoming more and more popular!

Top tip: At Furggstalden you can find race parcours, where you can time yourself to see how fast you are!

4. Kian´s Abendteuerland (for children)

Kian´s Abendteuerland is a lovely fun park for children; it is also located in Saas-Almagall. The fun park has slides where your children can ride through fairytale parcours – these are extra fun!

Top tip: They also offer child face painting – great fun for the whole family!

5. Hohsass (for beautiful weather skiers)

The sun-spoiled hillsides of the ski area are in Hohsass! The sun shines often on these hillsides and whilst the sun is shining there are beautiful scenic views across the alpine wonderland. Take to the slopes and become enchanted by the beautiful mountain landscape!

Top tip: At the Valley Station you find another kids park. In the snow park of the Sioux-Indians the little ones can have fun amongst amusing obstacles!

6. Saas-Balen (for children, beginners and families)

The flat slopes of Saas Balen are ideal for children and beginners. In a secure environment you can have your first ski experience and slowly get used to the boards!

Top tip: The slopes are located in the valley - advanced skiers can enjoy a coffee here in one of the restaurants, whilst the rest of the family are practicing!

7. Freestylepark Morenia (for freestyle skiers)

Above the Saas Fee mountain station is the Freestyle park Morenia, which is the ultimate spot for the freestyler and snowboarder! Many obstacles are provided so that everyone can find something for their requirements and have a lot of fun together in the snow park!

Top tip: Here you will also find funny obstacles for children!

8. Plattjen (world-cup slope for adrenalin junkies)

At the Plattjen you find the world-cup slope, this steep slope is only suitable for advanced skiers! On this slope you will speed downhill and you probably won’t have any time to enjoy the scenic views!

Top tip: You will have more time to enjoy the panoramic view from the glacier slope of Hohsaas!

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