Getting to Saas Fee – insider tips!

Our expert researched the different routes to get to Saas Fee and will explain the best ways to get to Saas Fee by car, train, bus or plane!

By car:

If you are travelling via Bern we recommend that you take the car transport service -Lötschberg. From the east we recommend you go via the Furkapass and in Saas Fee you easily park your car in either a parking house, or at the edge of the valley. From the car park you can take several busses or a taxi!

By train:

The train goes straight to Saas Fee; from here you can use the shuttle service of your hotel, a taxi or several busses!

By plane:

From Basel, Geneva, Zurich or Milano you can change onto public transport to get to Saas Fee. From all of the above airports your travel time to Saas Fee will be about three hours.

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