The best après ski party in Saas Fee.

Saas Fee is the ideal place to celebrate up in the mountains in slope bars or snow bars and also in the city - you can celebrate in discos or clubs into the early hours of the morning!
Our ski expert doesn’t only like to ski - he also loves après ski! He was happy to check out the party life of Saas Fee. Use his handy guide, to make sure you always find the best party locations such as snow bars, umbrella bar, or discos and pubs!

1. Black Bull Snow bar (après ski hut)

In the Black Bull snow bar you can celebrate from 7 pm, together with your fellow skiers from around the resort! Typical après ski hits are played late into the night, the party continues until the early hours of the morning when your alarm would normally go off!

Top tip: From the outside bar area you can celebrate in romantic moonlight!

Visit Website - Black Bull Snow bar

2. Chaplin Bar (Food and drinks)

In the Chaplin Bar people meet to begin their night out! In the pub you have a great choice of drinks, between a variety of cocktails, beers or hot drinks! You can also order very tasty snacks here!

Top tip: They also do great wood oven pizzas here – fantastic!

Address: Talstrasse 103, 3905 Saa Almagell.

3. Holzwurm (après ski party)

The Holzwurm is a perfect party spot! Everyone who likes to celebrate can be found here, from young to old, laid-back or party animals. There are often live bands playing at the Holzwurm and the mood is always great.

Top tip: In the winter months, the Holzwurm opens its doors at quarter past three in the afternoon.

Visit Website - Holzwurm

4. Fee Iglu Bar (après ski party)

In this small and cosy Iglu Bar friends meet for an early drink or later into the night when the party becomes a little wild! The mood is exuberant and everybody is up singing – no matter whether they know the lyrics or not!

Top tip: You should try the homemade mulled wine – but be careful, this drink is pretty strong!

Address: Dorfstr. 35, 3906 Saas Fee

5. No. One (Party and chill out on the mountain)

In the No. One, you can celebrate relaxed in a beautiful alpine setting. You can easily ski to get there and it is the ideal place to have a little ski break!

Top tip: You do not have to celebrate wild here; you can also just sit in the sun and relax!

Visit Website - No. One

6. Popcorn! (Apres ski disco)

The Popcorn is one of the most famous discos in Saas Fee. Apart from the classic après ski hits featured, the music is varied and the mood is great! The Popcorn is aimed towards the young, but elders who like to celebrate are just as welcome here!

Top tip: You can make a reservation here, or organize your own private party!

Visit Website - Popcorn

7. Aussie Bar (snacks and celebrate)

In the Aussie Bar people meet to have their first drink and slowly get in the mood for the après ski party! The entertaining bartenders get the people in the right mood and after a few shots nobody is sitting on their chairs anymore, but instead dancing on the dance floor!

Top tip: You can easily forget the time whilst partying here; maybe you should give this bar a visit when you do not have to get up to early the next day!

Address: Untere Dorfstr. 2, 3906 Saas Fee

8. Easy Bar (Après Ski Party)

Everything is cool and relaxed in the Easy Bar – until the music is turned up a little later on! The Easy Bar is located in a cellar – you will celebrate in a heated atmosphere! It is a great bar with a great vibe and always busy!

Top tip: The party in the Easy Bar does not begin until quite late – you can easily visit other bars beforehand!

Address: Dorfplatz 6, 3905 Saas-Almagell

9. Skihütte Hotel Burgener (Bar and restaurant)

The Hotel Burgener welcomes you in with rustic furniture to take a seat in an elegant ambience! You will be served with delicious food and you can also visit this ski hut after to have a couple of drinks. When it gets late, the music is turned up and party people get together!

Top tip: From the sun terrace you will have beautiful scenic views, so it is worthwhile to visit the hut whilst the sun is still shining!

Visit Website - Skihütte Hotel Burgener

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