Ski holiday in super ski destination Laax!

Winter wonderland Laax – use our guide to find the best slopes for kids, beginners or families. With tips regarding the black runways for advanced ones, snow parks and an interactive slope plan!
Laax, Flims and Falera together are the largest snow area of Graubünden, spanning a size of 100 square kilometres! The area offers a huge variety for all, with slopes as wide as 235 kilometres! The highest part of the slope is more than 2000 metres above sea level and you will be guaranteed snow here. Our winter sports expert Florian Schenke tested the area from top to bottom and from left to right so you have everything you need to know about the slopes. This is all compiled into his online guide – read at a glance!

1. Falera (for beginners and children)

Falera provides flat and wide slopes, making the area perfect for beginners and children. The area is rich with blue slopes and whilst you are learning how to ski you can gently slide down the hills.

Top tip: There are also some challenging slopes here – no one will get bored in this area!

2. Flims close to the valley (for beginners, families and children)

The slopes are located very close to the valley of Flims and a great spot for families with kids or beginners. The flat and wide slopes are an ideal practice area and if you are not very confident on your board yet, this is the perfect place for you!

Top tip: This area is also perfect if you want to learn how to snowboard!

3. Schneewunderland Falera (for children)

In the snowy wonderland of Falera kids can meet the magical Ami Sabi, who gives them secrets about winter sports and also tells them great stories about the forest, the animals and the mountains!

Top tip: Next to the valley station of Falera you will find two additional kids parks!

4. Nagens und Mutta Rondunda (for advanced skiers)

In Nagens and Mutta Rondunda there are a variety of red marked slopes. In this area you will find glacier slopes and a wide carving slope if you climb up to the height of 3.018 meters! The hillsides face the sunshine and the alpine panorama is just adorably beautiful!

Top tip: Very advanced skiers can take the slope from the backside of the Vorab Glacier to the Alp Ruschein – and test out their skills!

5. Beginner Park (for beginners)

The Beginner Park in Laax is the ideal place for a beginner on the snowboard or for freestylers. Here you will find many simple obstacles and you can improve your skills amongst the different slopes.

Top tip: The Beginner Park is not only great for an absolute beginner – even if you are a more advanced skier you can find some challenging obstacles here!

6. NoName (paradise for snowboarder and freestyler)

The snow park NoName is home to the worlds biggest half pipe. Advanced snowboarders and freestylers will enjoy this park to the full! There are many different obstacles which are waiting for you to check them out!

Top tip: Even if you won’t dare try the huge half pipe - it is worthwhile to go there and watch the pros jumping!

7. Curnius Park (biggest snow park in the area)

The Curnius Park is the biggest snow park in the ski area of Laax. It is nearly one kilometre long and with 25 obstacles the park offers something for everyone. If you are either a pro or beginner – you will never get tired of this park!

Top tip: Even kids can have fun in the Curnius Park – the snow park is definitely a place for the whole family!

8. Freestyle Academy (Indoor skiing)

The Freestyle Academy is a large indoor skiing area where you can practice how to ski or improve your skills. You defiantly won’t get lost here and for your first steps on the snow this would be ideal. Even pros find great challenges here, like the air track, the trampoline or the foam pit!

Top tip: There is also a Childs room and a playground!

9. Vorab Gletscher und Cassons (for free rider)

The Vorab glacier and Cassons presents many great marked routes to ski down – and all of this in peaceful silence. In Cassons you will find untouched snowy hillsides and ski in a breathtaking alpine location!

Top tip: This area is known to be a very safe location from avalanches and the routes starts from the peak, which you can reach by the gondola!

10. FIS runway Fatschas (for pros)

The former FIS runway, slope number 65, is a real challenge – even for pros! Throughout the 5-kilometre run you must remain cool. The runway is a great pleasure for very advanced skiers!

Top tip: From the Vorab glacier you can travel for 17 kilometres into the valley and overcome heights of 2000 metres, this is a great challenge for professionals!

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