Tips for the best ski and snowboard schools in Crans Montana

Learn how to ski in Crans Montana – find the best ski schools for beginners, children or adults who would like to improve their skills!
Learning skiing should be fun for children as well as for adults. None shall have fear of skiing. We have tested a number of ski schools in Crans Montana and found out the best ones for you. Thanks to these schools every small or big skier will stay firmly at their feet just after a few days and will dare going down the lighter pistes. Fun and friendly instructors are guaranteed!

1. Swiss Ski School Montana (starting with the age of 3)

The little ones will be introduced to the ski sport here in the joyful fun park in a playful and entertaining manner. The experienced teachers take enough time and always stay patient. The safety stays first of course; here you can book your private courses as well.

Top tip: The Swiss Ski School suggests also lots of other cool activities such as heli-ski.

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2. Swiss Ski School Crans (Children and adults)

You will learn skiing at the professional Swiss Ski School Crans either in groups or during the private classes. The group skiing is especially recommended for children, so that the little ones can have fun together.

Top tip: The ski school organizes various ski races so that you or your children can test your skills.

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3. Swiss Mountain Sports (for venturesome)

Apart from the courses for children the ski school offers also the courses for freeride, freestyle or heli-skiing. Here you will learn how you can safely explore the outsides of the pistes. Book a private teacher who will be always there for you.

Top tip: The school offers summer outdoor activities such as camping or mountain bike tours in summer time.

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