Premium Switzerland Awards 2013: Schools

Choosing a school that offers the perfect education for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. While each school offers something individual to a child, our schools awards celebrate the schools that parents and pupils highlighted as making particular efforts in various areas of the curriculum.
There are plenty of reasons why a Swiss education is revered the world over. Our awards celebrate Swiss educational excellence in all its forms, with the aim of recognising the schools that really stood out to our customers and their children. 

Best IB schools

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program was established to provide an intellectually rigorous and academically demanding common curriculum for students in schools around the world, Widely considered as an international passport to higher education, it is perfectly suited to those students who want a globally-recognised qualification. Our Best IB School award goes to those schools which our customers felt helped their students make the most of their talents in the International Baccalaureate exams.

Award winners

Best AP Schools

Familiar to US citizens, AP exams have long been used to enable students to enter directly into European universities as an extension of an American high school diploma. Regarded as similar to British A-levels, the qualification helps students who are considering the most selective universities. Our Best AP Schools award goes to the schools that our customers highlighted as offering an exciting and wide-ranging curriculum and that supported their children to attain the best possible level.

Award winners

Best Schools for Sports

The best schools strive to help their students become well-rounded individuals by developing all their talents to their full potential. Sporting education is an essential part of school life, whether it‘s for elite athletes or for forming healthy habits for life-long fitness. Top institutions typically offer a wide range of sport and leisure opportunities, including elite coaching for snowsports that makes Switzerland stand out as a destination for boarding education. Our Best Schools for Sports awards goes to the schools that impressed our customers with their standard of sports provision for all sectors of the school community.

Award winners

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