Premium Switzerland Awards 2013: Healthcare

Our Healthcare awards recognise the extra efforts of clinics and hospitals to provide excellent customer services and superb facilities that our customers felt made all the difference to a patient undergoing medical treatment.
Switzerland is renowned throughout the world for the high quality of its healthcare and the outstanding standard of its doctors. When it comes to care and aftercare, not all healthcare institutions are created equal and our customers were quick to highlight the best of the best where it exceeded their expectations. Therefore, our healthcare awards recognise those clinics and hospitals that set the industry standard in terms of quality, professionalism and medical expertise. 

Best Patient Hospitality

Successful treatment is about more than the medical. The most successful hospitals also invest wisely in the surroundings and hospitality they offer their patients, with the aim of speeding recovery. Our customers highlighted five-star accommodation, special culinary programmes tailored to the recovering patient or exceptional consideration for the family accompanying the patient. Therefore, our Best Patient Hospitality award reflects the institutions that continue to raise the standard of quality for pre- and post-treatment hospitality.

Award winners

Award for Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine

Choosing a clinic for an aesthetic procedure is difficult because of the huge variety of procedures that the industry covers. Our Award for Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine recognises the clinics that our customers felt were leaders in the field and set the standard for the highest quality of medical care in aesthetic medicine.

Award winners

Best Maternity Facilities

Maternity services are there to guide women through pregnancy and childbirth in as safe and stress-free a manner as possible. Our Best Maternity Facilities award is presented to those clinics and hospitals that our customers recognised for setting the standards in emotional and medical support before, during and after giving birth.

Award winners

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