Best hiking trails in Zermatt for summer 2015

Mountain guides recommendation for the best hikes in Zermatt: 3 easy, 3 middle and 3 hard ones. Enjoy the hike!

1. Furiweg – EASY

The well-maintained paved path from Furi down to Zermatt is the perfect way for non-active hikers, small children in pushchairs and people with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the region. You can reach Furi by taking the railway. For extra fun, keep the youngest ones entertained by looking out for squirrels!

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Best conditions: June to October Length: 4,9km Estimated time: 1,10h Ascent: 91m Descent: 347m

2. Dorfwaldweg – EASY

This forest path will have hikers feeling like Heidi, as they walk through green pastures and enjoy outstanding alpine views. The route is very pleasant and suitable for families with children from 4 years old and over. The starting and ending point is the Randa station.

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Best conditions: All year round Length: 4,5km Estimated time: 1,20h Ascent: 233m Descent: 233m

3. Via Ferrata Mammut: Route A – EASY

Route A is a classic, fun via ferrata and the easiest route out of the 3 available at Via Ferrata Mamut. Well-signalled by panels, hikers with previous experience in this type of alpine adventure will surely have a blast finding Edelweiss or passing over the Triftbach river. While it’s safe for families with children aged 10 and over, agility and a good head for height are required.

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Best conditions: June to October Length: 2,7km Estimated time: 1,15h Ascent: 347m Descent: 347m

4. Five Lakes - MEDIUM

Switzerland is famous for its lakes and if you are looking to indulge yourself to some lake swimming while in the country, this is the perfect hiking trail for you. It takes you through Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and Leisee and offers plenty of opportunities for stunning photographs; especially at Stellisee, Grindjisee and Leisee where you can see the Matterhorn reflected in the water! The route is suitable for children from 6 years old.

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Best conditions: June to September Length: 9,3km Estimated time: 2,30h Ascent: 286m Descent: 575m

5. Gornergrat – MEDIUM

This hike is perfect for a group with non-hikers or families with small children as they can take the Gornergrat train up to the summit and enjoy the views while waiting for the rest of the group. On your way up – or down – if your legs are burning from all the walking you can take a break on the shores of Lake Grünsee and admire the views of the Matterhorn; or even go for a swim!

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Best conditions: June to September Length: 19,7km Estimated time: 3h Ascent:206m Descent: 1693m

6. Mettelhorn – MEDIUM

Beginning from Zermatt this is a great trail for hikers with previous mountain experience. The well-marked trail takes you through the Edelweiss path – be sure to bring your camera to take a photo of this emblematic flower – and the Trift Gorge before going past the Hotel du Trift (Hobalm Glacier) to the peak about 3,400m

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Best conditions: July to September Length: 8,5km Estimated time: 6h Ascent: 1838m Descent: 156m

7. Glacier trek to Monte Rosa hut – HARD

Advanced hikers always relish the opportunity of putting on a pair of crampons and the climb up to the Monte Rosa refuge is the perfect excuse to do so. This said, the terrain can be trick and the conditions are sometimes unstable – keep an eye out also for ibex – so we highly recommend you to hire a guide. You can start the hike from Rotenboden and spend the night at the hut – make sure to book well in advanced.

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Best conditions: June to September Length: 7,4km Estimated time: 4h Ascent: 527m Descent: 464m

8. Höhbalmen – HARD

Hikers – and photographers – coming to Switzerland looking for edelweiss flowers are in for a treat or two along this hiking trail where this national symbol blooms at eye level. While you climb up to Trift, if you are travelling with a large group and plan on having meal after the hike, bet on who will see the Matterhorn first and skip paying the bill!

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Best conditions: June to October Length: 20,1km Estimated time: 7,30h Ascent: 1542m Descent: 1542m

9. Höhenweg – HARD

This scenic long distance hiking trail is for serious hikers only as it requires high levels of stamina and sleeping in the mountains; there are cosy alpine guesthouses along the route but some hikers can be snobbish so make sure everyone in your group is happy with the arrangements before setting off. There’s not a single way of doing the route from Zermatt up to Höhenweg and depending on your abilities or what you want to see, you can include some of the trails we have mentioned above, like the Monte Rosa hut trail or the Gornergrat.

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Best conditions: June to September Length: 83,9km Estimated time: 32,10h Ascent: 5674m Descent: 5868m

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