Where to go hiking in Arosa

From meandering paths to steep mountain climbs, the Hiking Professor Hans Escher knows them all. Here he discusses his personal favourites and gives us a few insider tips.
The concierge of the renowned Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa and known locally as the Hiking Professor, Mr Hans Escher has summited some of the world’s highest and most challenging peaks including the Matterhorn, which he has climbed 73 times. 

A long-time resident of Arosa, Mr. Escher is an important contact for the hikers of the region and has advised some of the most important international companies and visitors. Here, he shares some of his wisdom and gives us an insider look at a few of his favourite trails.

Which do you think is your favourite, moderately difficult hike in area?

Directly from the Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa (no bus or cable car needed) you start towards Schwellisee and Älplisee.

A very beautiful round trip with an extraordinary view over Arosa, the mountains and of course the two fresh mountain lakes. There are just stunning views over Arosa and the lakes.

Stunning view over Arosa and the lakes

Hans Escher

How long is this hike? What sort of elevation?

About 2h 30 min / from 1,800 meters up to 2,165 meters.

Is the trail well-marked and well looked-after?

Yes, definitely. All the over 60 kilometres hiking trails in and around Arosa are really well maintained.

What about more challenging hikes? Which of the more challenging ones do you like most?

Arosa - Medergen - Langwies.

From the Untersee lake to the reservoir lake, then rise 400 meters; pass the Naturfreundehaus cabin to the Walser colony Medergen, about 2,000 metres above sea level.

The village with its typical wooden cabins does not have running water nor electricity; however, the restaurant Alpenrose still offers savoury delicacies to all hikers.

Then, continue to the Seejiboden where you have a fantastic view on the Sapün valley and the Chüpfenflue. At the crossing turn left towards the Heimeli-Sapün restaurant in the next Walser colony. From there, walk via the forest path (or the more beautiful summer path) to Langwies.

In Langwies, take the train back to Arosa. Walking time: 5 hours

Are there any exciting hikes for families, less difficult hikes?

The kids all love some action after the hike which is why we always combine it with a visit in the rope park or one of the lakes for a swim or a pedalo drive. 

Or there are many trails especially for families with different activities on the path. Both children and adults love the squirrel path where you can feed the squirrels.

What do you think is the most important thing to remember for people hiking in the area?

You need a good equipment, some water or tea and a good sun protection. If you’re not used to the altitude or hiking I recommend to start with an easy hike for the first day at least.

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