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Tracks in Switzerland
, Switzerland
Explore Switzerland by car on its amazing roads. They twist and turn through the country and snake their way up the Alps bringing you to incredible sights.

Swiss roads are among the best in the world. Take this quality and pour a ribbon of asphalt through the pictures Alps and you get the best driving experience imaginable.

The big Eight:

The big Eight has got its name thanks to the connection of the Gotthard Pass, the Furka Pass and the Grimsel. Throw a look at the map and you will see a nicely curved Eight!
With its breathtaking views the tracks will please your eye. The motorbike drivers will enjoy its hairpin bends utmost!

Top Tipp: Would you like to try the best Swiss cheese? In this case a stop at the Furka Pass is a must, at the hut of local farmers you can indulge yourself with a piece or two of this delight.

The Pragel Pass

The Pragel Pass is known as one of the least known tracks in Switzerland but its beauty in incomparable. Move down from Glarus and come out again at the other side at Mouthatal in the canton of Schwyz – it is just fabulous! Just make sure you have the fun during the week days, this pass is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Top Tipp: The alpine farmers hut Pragelpasshöhe will be on your way. It is definitely worth making a stop here and get familiar with the traditional Swiss cooking art!

Over Italian Bormio from Davos to Stelvio

The sports routs follow the zig-zag line over the western peak of the Apls and the Stelvio pass at the height of 2500 meters can be reached from the Swiss Santa Maria. Even though the world’s smallest whiskey bar is located in Santa Maria it is smarter to restrict yourself to a cup of coffee, the pass will require that. While coming over its 60 hairpin turns covered with snow or even in summer you better keep a cold and clear head.

Top Tipp: Even in summer, do not forget your skis. In this small resort you still have a possibility to make a few rounds together with the world’s best skiers!

The Grimsel Pass

The pass Grimsel is situated in the upper Rhonetal, the view from here can be described in no words. Just prepare yourself for the mountain landscape full of rocks, blue lakes and incomparable nature!

Top Tipp: Indulge yourself with the night at Grimsel Hospiz Hotel and feel like a king in this fortress!

The St. Gotthard Pass

The Gotthard Pass is the major route between the northern and southern parts of Switzerland. Its view is enchanting indeed but also here at least the driver shall take care of the street curves!

Top Tipp: In case you are looking for a small pause, the Chedi Hotel in Andermatt is exactly what you need.

The Furka Pass

The Furka Pass was already used as a filming setting more than once, including 007 crossing its peaks as well. To reach its height of 2429 meters you do not necessarily need the luxurious car, even though it would definitely make more fun.

Top Tipp: look for small shops of the local farmers on the roadside, they have tasty goodies for sale, the stop is worth it!

The Simplon Pass

This track is the treasure from the Middle Ages. Used earlier by smugglers and mercenaries it gives you even now room for an adventure. The view is simply fabulous as it often happens in Switzerland, and that is definitely your place if you like hiking.

Top Tipp: For hiking lovers a beautiful bakery Arnold will provide the best bread for the brunch!

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