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Zurich, Switzerland
Discover an unexpected side of Zurich with a personal guided tour of all that's cutting-edge about Zurich with a local expert from friedevents
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At first glance, Zurich is a traditional city through and through: narrow winding streets pass by wonderful old churches in the old town, and the city’s restaurants serve up a tempting range of Swiss specialities.

But take a closer look and you’ll find that there is another side to the city. friedevents are uniquely positioned to help you discover the best of this “new Zurich”.

Bold new architecture and galleries showing cutting-edge art make a striking contrast with the Old Town and our expert guides can take you to the trendiest bars and restaurants to mingle with those in the know.

Other highlights of this tour could be the swimming baths designed by celebrated architect Max Frisch or the new market hall where you can find a variety of great quality produce to tempt you.

Zurich is also a paradise for shopping with all the top fashion names plus exclusive private boutiques offering the latest designs. So shop til you drop then head to one of Zurich’s trendiest eating places to regain your strength for a trip at the avant-garde!

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Indulge your inner shopaholic with a visit to the world-famous Zurich Bahnhofstrasse stores.

With the help of the knowledgeable insiders at friedevents, you will truly enjoy browsing and buying in the many luxury boutiques which line the street.

If you’re looking for clothes, you’re sure to find something to suit you perfectly, as traditional, well-loved fashion brands rub shoulders with the newest, trendiest designer boutiques.

To finish off your outfit, don’t forget the accessories! World-class jewellers can be found here and with our local’s knowledge, don’t be surprised if you find that perfect handbag you’ve been looking all over the world for.

After so much activity, a break will be in order, so head to the Sprüngli coffee shop for a relaxing drink and a bite to eat, or if for something livelier take a spot at one of the cool bars which you can find in the area.


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