Boarding school fees in Switzerland

Considering a Swiss education? Information and advice about the costs involved with attending a boarding school in Switzerland.
Sending your child to boarding school in Switzerland is an investment in a high quality education. Here is our guide to what you should consider with regards to the cost of boarding school.

What figures are involved?

At the lower range of the scale, a boarding school in Switzerland can cost CHF 40,000 and rise to anywhere up to CHF 90,000. So why such a big range?

Well, it all depends on what is included in the basic tuition and what is considered optional, and is therefore an extra expense.

Basic Tutition

In general, the basic figure will cover the same things at all schools.

On the academic side this includes tutition in all compulsory subjects, supervision for homework and during study hours, use of the library and internet access. Following a bilingual education does not involve extra costs.

With regards to living arrangments, the figure includes accommodation (often in a shared room), three meals a day plus snacks and short-term nursing care.

Students will also have access to the school’s sports facilities and sports lessons which are included in the school’s programme.

Extra Expenses

The extra expenses will vary depending on what is on offer at each school but the list can be long and can make a significant difference to the total sum.

Common expenses are private musical or sports tutition, personal coaching and the cost of optional courses.

Then there are the expenses of optional activities related to academics or to extracurricular activities. For example, trips to the theatre or study weeks at a centre away from the school are common as they are a great enhancement to what is learned in the classroom.

Students will also have to supply their own books and materials for classes and will have to pay the costs associated with taking exams from external providers.

The Little Costs Add Up

There are lots of small additional costs which should also be taken into account as they can quickly add up.

These include laundry costs, visa applications, insurance premiums, the cost of medications, postage, personal allowances, travel expenses to and from the school.

What about a Summer Camp in Switzerland?

Summer camps at Swiss schools generally cost in the region of CHF 2000 per week, with a minimum stay of two weeks.

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