Languages for learning at Swiss boarding school

Worrying about the linguistic challenges of an education in Switzerland? Find out more about the diverse range of languages used in Swiss boarding school education.
Studying in a linguistically diverse country like Switzerland brings both challenges and rewards. Here’s our guide to the languages your child can be educated in and the new ones they can learn.

Which Languages?

With four official languages and a large and diverse international population, Switzerland is truly a linguistically diverse place. So what language will your child learn in?

Well, the answer depends on a number of factors, among which is the location of the school. Almost all schools will teach at least some of their curriculum in the local language: French, German or Italian.  

The curriculum taught at the school is also a factor. Schools with a bilingual programme will teach half the time in the local language and the other half in another major language, usually French, German, Italian or English.  

There are various combinations available, so be sure to look around and find out all the options!

Will my child have the chance to learn a new language?

One of the big draws of a Swiss education is the international diversity it offers and all schools encourage their students to study other languages.

The choice is impressive and it’s often encouraged, if not obligatory, to study more than one.

As well as French, German, Italian and English, there are opportunities to study other European languages, such as Spanish, Dutch and Russian. There is also increasing demand for languages from more far-flung parts of the globe, for example Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

The great advantage of the Swiss boarding schools for learning a language is the international student body.

Don’t be surprised if you make friends with a native speaker of the language you have always dreamed of speaking!

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