Why choose Switzerland for boarding school?

All about boarding schools in Switzerland: why the country is the perfect location for an excellent education
Researching a boarding school for your child? Here are some of the reasons why Switzerland is a great place to look.

A Long and Esteemed History

Switzerland has a long tradition of providing high-quality education and the Swiss boarding schools are internationally renowned.

There are still boarding schools in Switzerland which count royalty amongst their pupils and the reputation of the schools attracts parents looking for the best education the world can offer.

Educational Excellence in an International Atmosphere

Part of the attraction of a Swiss boarding school is the high-quality education on offer.

Schools insist on rigorous academic standards, and provide teachers and facilities to accomplish this.

The choice of curriculums on offer include the American, German and Swiss systems as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB), meaning you are certain to find a school to suit your child’s academic interests.

With such a great worldwide reputation, the Swiss boarding schools attract many international students.

The atmosphere on campus is multinational, multilingual and multicultural, and this provides a unique and exciting learning opportunity not just in class, but around the clock.

Location, Location, Location!

It may be small, but Switzerland has a great location, right in the heart of Europe and is as well connected to its immediate neighbours as it is to destinations further afield.

The breath-taking scenery of mountains and lakes allows for great outdoor pursuits, such as skiing in the winter and hiking and sailing in the summer, and schools have plenty of experience in getting their students involved.

The international diversity of Switzerland is also attractive. The UN, based in Geneva, brings people from every corner of the globe to this small country and many international businesses have operations here.

With such a great reputation for educational excellence, an international community of students and teachers and locations in the one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you are certain to find the perfect school for your child here!

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