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Chenot Palace Weggis
Lucerne, Switzerland
Health & Wellness treatments • Great spa facilities • Off the beaten path
As the most modern Chenot facility, the Palace Weggis features a 5,000m2 wellness space that’s packed to the rafters with cutting edge equipment for you to achieve optimal health. Custom-made programmes follow the famed Chenot Method®, combining Western and traditional Chinese medicine as well as the Chenot Diet Plan to align the physiology of the body. And all this high-end healthcare resides within a sleek five-star hotel–the perfect cure for both body and soul.


Chenot Palace Weggis sits on the shores of the sparkling Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland. From the hotel, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the lake and the Alps, letting you feel close to nature throughout your program. A leafy Japanese garden envelopes the estate, providing an idyllic spot to embark on a tranquil afternoon stroll.

You can get here in 45 minutes from the Zurich International Airport.

Rooms & Suites

The extravagant 97-room retreat features an ultra-modern Swiss-inspired design. Streaky marble ensuites, polished hardwood floors, and designer furnishings define each well-appointed room, all of which feature a calming neutral colour theme. All rooms have views of the mountains, gardens, or lake, and some boast a private balcony.

Larger suites afford plenty of additional space for opulent extras like private living areas and walk-in wardrobes.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is the name of the game at Chenot, and this cutting edge 5,000 m2 facility is no exception.

The strong connectivity between Western practices, Traditional Chinese medicine and the Chenot diet plan has allowed the Chenot Method® to become a global success, with wellness centres popping up in multiple countries.

Prepare to embark on an entirely bespoke wellness journey prepared especially for you by the highly trained Reservations- and Wellness Advisor team. A team of doctors and specialists will fine-tune the programme by recommending supplementary treatments to cater to your specific needs. Three unique treatment plans are available– Advanced Detox, Recover & Energise or Prevention & Ageing-Well–each of which includes diagnostic tests, medical consultations, therapeutic treatments, and plant-based nutritional plans. Programmes usually last for a minimum length of stay of 7 nights with 6 full days in the Spa.

Its underlying Chenot Method® draw upon half a century of ground-breaking research, resulting in a finely-tuned methodology to detox the body, rejuvenate the system, and delay the onset of age. The Chenot Method® restores equilibrium to the body’s physiology, preventing the accumulation of toxins and fending off degenerative disease. In the long term, you’ll enjoy benefits such as increased energy and greater harmony between body systems.

Expert medical professionals employ state-of-the-art technology during each bespoke treatment programme. For a truly holistic approach, several wellness departments work together in tandem: Hydro-Biontology, Medical Aesthetic, Sport & Fitness, Human Performance, Medical, and Aesthetic Biontology. Continual monitoring and active collaboration between these areas are key to the Chenot Method’s® outstanding results.

Food & Drink

Diet is an integral part of the Chenot Method.

A skilled in-house nutritionist will thoroughly evaluate your health and tailor-make a bespoke meal plan, typically from one of two options: the bio-light diet and the plant-based detox. Both work in synergy with Chenot therapies to encourage homeostasis and increase energy, ultimately enhancing your overall wellbeing. Furthermore, the hand-picked diet can promote the body’s self-healing mechanism, improve metabolic efficiency, and expedite the detoxification process.

You’ll enjoy three tasty low-calorie meals at the in-house restaurant every day. Towards the end of the programme, staff will teach you how to incorporate Chenot dietary philosophies into your everyday life at home.

Special Info

Premium Switzerland will help you book the ideal Chenot Method® treatment plan for you. Please contact us - we will personalize your stay!

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General Hotel Information

  • TV & Internet

    Free wifi in all rooms

  • Parking

    Parking available

  • Reasons To Go

    Health & Wellness treatments / Great spa facilities / Off the beaten path / Unique setting / Romantic sunsets / Scenic mountain views

  • Hotel Overview

    Private beach / Indoor pool / Excellent service

  • Extras

    Direct online booking / Exclusive perks for Premium Switzerland guests

  • Spa and wellness area

    • Facilities

      Medical spa on site / Weightloss programmes available / Gym / Sauna / Indoor pool

    • Spa treatments

      Detox programmes / Facials / Range of massages available / Hairdresser / Manicure / Pedicure

    • Family

      • Services

        Children over 12 welcome

      • Food

        Children's menu

      • Fitness

        • Facilities

          24hr gym / Indoor swimming pool / Yoga equipment / Cardio machines / Free weights

        • Classes

          Personal trainer available / Pilates / Yoga

        • Other services

          Personal fitness plan / Physiotherapy / Nutrition consultation

        • Design

          • Reasons To Go

            Innovative architecture / Inspiring design

          • Hotel Overview

            Indoor pool / Excellent service

          • Extras

            Private art gallery

          • Pool Type

            • Pool Type

              Indoor pool

            • Adults-only

              • Reasons To Go

                Peaceful surroundings / Perfect for relax breaks

              • Beach Info

                • Reasons To Go

                  Private beach / Clear water / Amazing lake views

                • Beach activities

                  Boat trips

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