Top events in the Swiss Alps

How to travel to the Swiss Alps | Davos, Zermatt, Gstaad & more

The Swiss Alps has lots of events that make the region an excellent destination even if you’re not a skier. Find out our top tips of what to put in your calendar, and some advice about how to get there from German and European airports.

White Turf St Moritz

A horserace like no other, White Turf St. Moritz is an annual fixture in Switzerland’s racing calendar and promises three days of exclusive atmosphere, drama and passion. The event combines thrilling horse-racing with gourmet catering, lively music and inspiring art exhibitions. White Turf owes its popularity to its location: competitors and spectators flock back year after year to experience winter sunshine on the frozen lake that serves as the racetrack. The panorama is completed by the icy grandeur of the snow-capped mountains of St Moritz and the Upper Engadine Valley.

Red Bull Open Ice Davos

Ice hockey returns to its roots with an adrenaline-fuelled final in Davos every February. Thanks to the Red Bull Open Ice series, ice hockey comes back to its roots as a sport played on natural ice rinks in the outdoors. Unlike the modern game, this version is wilder and freer, with no goalie, a minimum of rules and a firm focus on sportsmanship and fair play. The final follows qualifiers around Switzerland and makes a visit to Davos well worth your while.

Crédit Agricole Swiss Open Gstaad

A regular fixture in the tennis calendar, the Swiss Open in Gstaad is unlike any other tournament thanks to its beautiful mountain surroundings and some of the best views in the Swiss Alps. Sometimes known as the Wimbledon of the Alps, this high-class tournament has a reputation for great men's tennis in the unique setting of Gstaad.

Zermatt Marathon

An endurance challenge with few rivals, the Zermatt Marathon covers the ground from St Niklaus (1116 m above sea level) to Riffelberg (2582 m above sea level). The course covers 42195 metres and conquers over 1900 metres altitude, ensuring its not for the faint-hearted. However, most runners note that the amazing views of some of Switzerland’s most iconic scenery goes some way to compensating for the physical punishment the route inflicts.  

How to reach the Swiss Alps from German and European airports

To reach these events and more in the Swiss Alps, it is easy and practical to fly to Zurich Airport and take a train or helicopter transfer. For a relaxed arrival in Switzerland, stay the night at one of Europe’s great airport hotels and leave your car in a parking space for the holiday – you can enjoy the scenery without the stress of the mountain roads.

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