Weightloss by dieting: an expert's opinion

We are bombarded with conflicting information about the best way to lose weight. Swiss fitness trainer and personal coach Stefan Labas shares his expert insight into the murky world of dieting.
Many people will go on a diet to lose weight and feel better about themselves. But is it really the best way of guaranteeing sustained weight loss? We asked Swiss personal training expert Stefan Labas for his opinion.

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Do weight reduction diets result in healthy, stable weight optimisation?

Generally a long-term change in nutrition should be the goal. Diets are not suitable for this and are one sided.

The danger of gaining weight again is high, so they aren’t a sustainable way of optimising weight.

Does a general healthy diet have the same impact as weight loss diets?

By completely changing your nutrition, weight will be reduced and held. 

Your weight and health can be optimised by a combination of exercise and relaxation.

What does a healthy diet consist of?

With diets, people often think about giving up things. 

By changing your nutrition one step at a time, healthy food will be replaced by another healthy option. 

Healthy also means simple, not too much or too little , diversified , fresh and colourful.

Why is weight reduction and optimisation crucial for our health and well-being?

Losing weight has many advantages, since it causes less stress for the joints, the cardiovascular system and the mind.

You gain energy, strength and endurance.There are many studies on this topic.

It is proven that certain rheumatic, cardiovascular and psychological problems have a huge impact on our nutrition.

What is the best method of losing weight?

There is an individual method for everyone and we consult our clients on everything. Nutrition, exercise and relaxation are very important.

Focussing on the metabolism, individual constitution and digestion, builds the foundation of our consultation.

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Stefan Labas is a highly experienced personal coach with an extensive background in health, vitality and diet.

Stefan is also director of labas results , a results-oriented personal training and coaching studio near Zürich.

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Healthy means simple, not too much or too little, diversified, fresh and colourful.

Stefan Labas

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