Common kidney stone side effects and diagnosis

Kidney stone can be a very painful condition and if not treated in time it can posse serious threats to our health. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Med. Stephan Bauer of Klinik Hirslanden Zurich offers tips to identify kidney stone signs and symptoms and how to proceed in the eventual case of patients suffering from the problem in order to minimize the risk factors associated with the disease.

What are very clear symptoms for kidney stones?

The colic pains occur when the stone, wich has formed in the kidney, makes its way through the ureter. Here the calculus will cause the greatest pain, manifesting itself though cramps, nausea, vomitting and sometimes diarrhea. Before and after these colic attacks, the urine often appears to be bloody. In such cases, the patient will feel the urge to urinate frequently, however he will be able to urinate only small amounts of urine at a time. These pains can be severe and very unpleasant.

Are strong symptoms dangerous? How fast do one need to see a doctor?

The symptoms such as fever and shivering caused by a urinary tract infection or a kidney rupture (caused by urine pressure) can be very dangerous. In such cases the patient should consult a doctor or be brought to the emergency room immediately. Even indistinct flanc pains und small pain attacks should be examined by a doctor. This way a painful ordeal can be avoided.

What action plan do you recommend if a patient has kidney stone symptoms?

In order to localise as well as identify the size and denseness of the stone, a CT diagnostic should be made. In correspondence with the results, the doctor will decide if the stone will be able to exit spontaneously or if a stone treatment is necessary. If a spontaneous descent is possible (dependent on the position and the size of the stone), the patient will receive medication to stimulate the process. A ureterorenoscopic procedure (URS) is recommended for stones which cannot exit spontanously. As mentioned above, it very often only takes one intervention to remove a stone using this method.

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