Rehabilitation in Switzerland – Everything need to know

This article is aimed at patients outside of Switzerland. We will explain why some Swiss clinics are world leaders in rehabilitation, what they cost, and how long treatment can take.

Injuries sustained from a car crash or other accident can be life-changing. A good rehabilitation program is designed to help you regain your life by enabling you to do all the things you loved doing before the injury.

However, rehabilitation programs take various different approaches. Here we will explain how to choose a state of the art rehab program.

Rehab Elements:

The ideal rehab program consists of these three elements:

1. A Basic Rehabilitation program

• Most clinics have this: educated staff, quality care, and modern rehab techniques.

• It’s an obvious program to include for any reputable clinic

2. Technological Rehabilitation program

• A more advanced clinic that uses modern technology

• What kind of technology does the clinic use? The most state of the art clinics use robotic driven movement programs

3. Specialized staff

• The more specialist staff on hand, the better

• Check what therapists are available in a clinic. A top clinic employs numerous specialists who focus on fields such as regaining sight as well as shoulder and finger motor function, etc.

Which symptoms can be cured?

Alertness, mobility, walking, swallowing, speaking, blurred vision, urological disorders, cognitive disorders, pain, spasticity (tight muscles)


Depending on the specific rehab program, you should allow an average of one to two months to get back to normality after a severe injury.


A quality rehabilitation program is expensive, with an average daily fee of around 3000 CHF. This requires an investment of 90.000–180.000 CHF for a one to two-month treatment. If you are traveling to Switzerland from abroad, you need to include travel costs and as well as other incidental costs such as accommodation for family members.

Curation rates:

A good clinic provides details and statistics about their work. Ask for specific curation rates for the health issue you are hoping to overcome. The highest percentage value after a severe accident is currently 86%.

Need more help?

If you need personal support in find the best rehab contact us on: We’re always happy to help.

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