Information on treatment and cure rates of hepatitis

WHO estimates that about 2 million people worldwide have been infected by this disease. Prof. Dr. M. Fried talks about hepatitis and treatment options.
Prof. Dr. M. Fried is head of the gastroenterology department at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) and one of the partners of the Double Check Medical check-up Centre. In this interview, he gives information on hepatitis, what it is, treatment options and curing chances.

Prof. Fried, would you shortly outline what hepatitis is?

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, mostly caused by a virus. Alcohol and several drugs can also cause an inflammation of the liver.

Is hepatitis a problem commonly found in our hemisphere?

Virus hepatitis belongs to the most important health problems worldwide, including the third world.

What are the causes of hepatitis?

Hepatitis is mostly caused by a virus, such as the hepatitis A virus, causing an acute and mostly transient disease or the B or C virus which can cause a chronic lifelong disease of the liver possibly leading to a liver cirrhosis or even liver carcinoma in some cases.
Nowadays, healing rates up to 80 % can be achieved with these modern drug combinations.  

Prof. Fried

Can hepatitis be healed? What are the latest treatment options for these liver diseases?

Hepatitis A mostly heals by itself while a chronic infection of the liver with the B and C virus causing inflammation of the liver must be tretated with a combination of drugs which have to be taken for 6-12 months.

These drugs (such as interferons and other modern drugs) are expensive and may cause side effects, therefore they should only be administered by specialist hepatologists. In our clinic Professor Beat Muellhaupt leads the hepatology unit and belongs to the most renown experts in this field.

Nowadays, healing rates up to 80 % can be achieved with these modern drug combinations.

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