How to give birth in Switzerland

Having a baby is one of the most important moments in any women's life, and the best maternity care can help make the experience as stress-free as possible. Leading specialist Prof. Dr. Christian Breymann, MD, talks to us about arranging to give birth in Switzerland.
Switzerland is renowned for the quality of its private health and maternity care. Leading specialist Prof. Dr. Christian Breymann, who is Senior Lecturer at the University Hospital Zurich a specialist in OBGYN and Feto Maternal Medicine and director of the Swiss Perinatal Institute, talks to us about how to give birth in Switzerland.

Swiss hospitals are known all over the world for outstanding medical care and services. What should foreign women consider before deciding to give birth in Switzerland?

Swiss hospitals are among the top medical institutions worldwide because of their combination of often outstanding patient facilities and services, and the medical skills of the attending specialists.

I have experienced many hospitals throughout the world and I know that the Swiss hospital system is effective and of the highest quality, i.e. the patient knows and feels for what she pays.

In my clinic, all patients are seen by specialised doctors and no trainees. For our own patients, we have a 24 hrs emergency service which means that they can reach me or my team 24 hrs in a day.

Women who come to give birth here appreciate the one-to-one relation to their specialist and the outstanding infrastructure of the hospital, including the guest services.

Swiss hospitals are among the top medical institutions worldwide because of their outstanding combination of patient facilities and services with the medical skills of the attending specialists.

Prof. Dr. Beymann

Could you describe the process for foreign women to give birth in your clinic? How long in advance of the estimated birth date, do they have to come to Switzerland and your clinic?

The number of examinations depends on the risk profile of the patient and the availability of services in their own country.

Some patients prefer to come to Switzerland towards the end of pregnancy, e.g. four weeks before estimated date of birth, and stay here until delivery. 

Some patients prefer to have several checks in the first and second trimester in Zurich before they finally come to Switzerland for the birth.

Generally I like to see a pregnant women at least one or two times during early and mid pregnancy to get to know each other and to assess indivdual risks that might complicate pregnancy or birth.

However, all situations can be planned according to individual needs as long it is medically advisable.

Can your clinic provide special services to foreigners such as translators, finding an appartment, hotel bookings, special food requirements?

Yes we can. All these options are possible if we have some time before to organise solutions for individual needs or questions.

Certainly there are also agencies, e.g. for Russian or Ukrainian patients, with whom we work together and who are specialised in organising indivdual wishes and needs.

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