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A leading medical service provider in Zurich, SONOGEN AG specializes in personalized medicine for better outcome in medical treatments. With the expert system SONOGEN XP it helps patients to discover evidence-based therapies on a preventive basis.


Situated strategically in Badenerstrasse and Seefeldstrasse in Zurich, SONOGEN AG provides cutting-edge medical treatments. It’s easily accessible and located in a medical center of the private hospital group Hirslanden in the same building.


SONOGEN AG was founded in 2014 and it’s a leading certified medical device manufacturer in Zurich. The medical company offers ground-breaking solutions to identify the right medical therapies for patients. It focuses on providing the best therapy and treatments for patients.

SONOGEN AG has a wide range of medical doctors and clinical experts who develop innovative solutions such as the expert system SONOGEN XP.

The company specializes in personalized medicine to help patients finding the right therapy in advance. SONOGEN AG uses its pharmacogenetic expert system SONOGEN XP to determine how the genetic makeup of a patient affects drug efficacy by identifying variable sequences in the genome. This also helps to identify ineffective drugs during medical treatment or drugs causing side effects.

Areas of Specialisation

SONOGEN AG offers the best therapy for every patient. The company provides excellent services to both patients and doctors. It offers pharmacogenetic services for patients who are taking medications on a long-term basis, patients whose treatments are not effective or who are suffering from drug intolerance.

It also offers clinical services to patients looking to undergo a specific treatment and want to analyse their pharmacogenetic profile to obtain the right therapy. SONOGEN AG uses a genotyping process to choose the right medications for every patient through the use of the expert system SONOGEN XP. Doctors can easily have direct access to evidence-based information through SONOGEN XP. The information provides them with insight into the individual genetic profile of their patients. The analysis provided by SONOGEN XP can help choosing and dosing of medications based on the genetic code of the patient. The genetic profile is analysed to ensure that the drugs prescribed will work effectively and safely.

It also helps the doctors to provide medications that are suitable for the genetic make-up and metabolism of the patient. This leads to an increase in drug efficacy and a reduction of adverse side effects.

Facts & Figures

SONOGEN AG features highly trained medical experts, clinical content managers and software engineers to provide the best therapy for each patient.

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    • Sonogen AG

      Tel: +41 43 508 69 36 http://www.sonogen.eu

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