Chronic pain - information, tips and innovative treatment forms

Chronic pain, or chronic pain syndrome - there are many types of pain, but unfortunately, the successful forms of therapy are still deficient.

Patients with chronic pain suffer an average of 7 years until a suitable treatment is found, 20% of patients suffer 20 years or even longer of their duration. High effects in the profession, depression and major cuts in the quality of life can be the consequences.

The fact that treatment success in chronic pain patients is still inadequate today and that a considerable part of the population suffers from it, our medical team has taken the opportunity to clarify the disease and provide tips on optimal treatments.

What is a chronic pain?

A chronic pain is caused in many cases by an acute pain, which occurs, for example, after injuries. If the pain persists permanently, the nerve cells become more sensitive and the stimuli and form "pain traces" which lead to a "pain memory". The nerve cells can send pain signals to the central nervous system independently, even if the actual cause of pain no longer exists. So it continues to hurt - for no apparent reason.

Chronic pain, however, is also common in headaches such as migraines or articular diseases such as osteoarthritis, where a pain in the joints can lead to chronic pain and can lead to chronic pain syndrome.

Pain per se is originally a warning signal from the body to indicate injuries or illnesses - while this type of pain makes sense, the pain becomes independent in the chronic pain syndrome and becomes an independent disease - the pain sickness.

This pain is usually not caused by any apparent condition, but it is often accompanied by further symptoms such as sleep disorders, increased irritability or lack of appetite.

Classical treatments

Chronic pain is not only highly unpleasant but affects large parts of life. In the classical treatment, of course, first attempts are made to treat the basic cause. If this has already been successfully healed and the pain persists, different treatment approaches can be followed.

Unfortunately, it is often a trial and/or a combination of different approaches, which lead to the cure of chronic pain.

Since chronic pain is a particularly complex disease, therapy should also be holistic. An important aspect is always the analysis or therapy of psychological behaviors, in addition, of course, classical pain medication, massages, cold/heat applications, movement therapy or nerve stimulation, remedy create - but there is no guarantee.

Especially the use of painkillers is problematic because they not only combat the pain but often also lead to considerable side effects or lead to resistance.

Innovations in chronic pain

A very important approach in the treatment is that the "pain memory" caused by chronic pain is positively influenced or at best eradicated - but the body has to be painless, for which it needs a medication that removes the pain from the body.

An innovative and promising approach is the personalized medicine or individual medication in the sense of a precision therapy.

Side effects do not occur in the same way in all humans. The drug may work perfectly for one person, and there may be side effects or even complications for another person. This simply means that every human being is his own individual, with his own genetic makeup (DNA).

And exactly in DNA could be the key to success! Pharmacogenetics is becoming increasingly important. This section of the medicine deals with the analysis of the DNA of a person and the findings, the appropriate drugs, and dosages.

With the innovative procedures developed by the experts of the Laboratory of Medicine RISCH and SONOGEN AG in this area, specialists in the field of medicine in Switzerland are conducting a detailed genetic test, which can then be used to determine whether a drug is well tolerated, or which drugs will cause undesirable side effects. Likewise, the genetic test can tell you which dosage will be the right one - since under or overdoses can lead to undesirable or dangerous side effects.

Personalized medications, such as those offered by RISCH and SONOGEN, are a great step in the targeted treatment of chronic pain.

Can chronic pain be positively influenced?

Yes - this is quite possible and recommendable. The duration of the pain causes stress, frustration, and constant tension. This is why relaxation is particularly important in counteracting the psychological stress.

Autogenous training, yoga, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness exercises can have a positive impact on pain relief and stimulate the body‘s self-healing powers!

It is important, however, not to lose the courage and also the confidence in the medicine!

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