Torn knee ligament therapy and prevention

Trauma specialist Dr. med. Stefan Kunz of Klinik Im Park in Zurich offers expert advice on therapies and treatments to cure torn knee ligaments.

Is surgery always required to heal a torn knee ligament?

No. Many injuries of ligaments around the knee joint can be treated without surgery. But every ligament injury needs an adequate treatment to prevent later secondary damages.

What are the less invasive torn knee ligament treatments?

In case of a ligament injury without a resulting relevant instability of the knee joint we prescribe an anti-inflammatory treatment combined with a special physical therapy.

In case of resulting instability without need of surgery the treatment is for example an individually adjusted knee-brace for a period of five to eight weeks following the accident in combination with anti-inflammatory measures and physical therapy.

How can we prevent knee ligaments injuries?

For athletes there are several specific programs to prevent ligament injuries. The aim of these programs is to avoid vulnerable positions, to increase the flexibility, to improve the muscle strength, and exercises for jumping and proprioception.

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