What are the ingredients of a healthy diet?

We are surrounded by information about health and healthy eating, but it's easy to get lost among all the conflicting messages. Personal coach Stefan Labas, shares his extensive expertise about health and nutrition to help you understand it better.
We hear it often: you are what you eat. But what does that really mean in practice? Stefan Labas, an expert personal coach with a long experience of studying nutrition, diet and vitality, shares his insights.

What are the crucial factors for a healthy nutrition?

This is letting all your senses in on the choice of your nutrition and consciously choosing food that digests and provides energy and nutrients.

Why is it worth eating healthy food?

The body is supplied with vitally important nutrients, which support all the body‘s metabolic functions.

You will feel balanced, full and energy rich.

What do you do at your centre to help people conduct a healthy diet?

My centre, labas results, provides an individual, structured consultation and metabolic analysis.

The focus is on digestion, overall constitution and metabolic condition.

A nutrition plan is then put together with the client.

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What is your personal and practical advice to anybody on how to achieve healthy nutrition?

There isn’t a patented recipe for healthy eating. We should eat consciously, varied, fresh and balanced.

Carbohydrates that keep you full for longer periods from rice, grain, the fat from oil and nuts, protein from vegetarian or animal origin.

In addition, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and consume few stimulants, such as sugar, coffee, and sweets.

There isn’t a patented recipe for healthy eating. We should eat consciously, varied, fresh and balanced.

Stefan Labas

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Stefan Labas is a highly experienced personal coach with an extensive background in health, vitality and diet.

Stefan is also director of labas results , a results-oriented personal training and coaching studio near Zürich.

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