How to arrange a medical second opinion

If you are not satisfied with your doctor's diagnosis, it's a simple process to seek a second opinion. Leading expert in health screening Dr. Rainer Arendt discusses how to go about it.
Receiving a diagnosis that doesn‘t satisfy you can be a frustrating experience. Dr Rainer Arendt of DoubleCheck, one of the top Swiss clinics for medical check-ups, discusses the reasons for seeking a second opinion and how to go about arranging one. 

In DoubleCheck Clinic, you not only offer health screenings but also second opinion services. In which cases might a medical second opinion be helpful?

A second opinion confirms that the client has made the right choice. In complex conditions, it may help him or his doctor to make the right diagnosis and identify the optimal treatment.

It can also provide reassurance that he is being neither under- nor over-treated. A second opinion allows him to Double Check his condition.

Patients in need of surgery or cancer treatment might seek out a second opinion. How can an independent doctor make judgements in these very complex situations?

Our specialists are very experienced: in fact, they supervise their own large teams day in, day out. Thus, they just need all previous records, findings and images to give advice.

However, sometimes it is also advisable to repeat tests in reliable institutions. For example, we recently reviewed a patient from the Black Sea who had been recommended to undergo urine bladder resection for bladder cancer in his hometown hospital, and here we didn’t find any indication of malignant disease.

A second opinion specialist should be an experienced physician with an excellent track record of either publications, treated cases or performed surgeries.

Dr. Arendt

Who can be a second opinion specialist?

This should be an experienced physician who is also regarded as an opinion leader in his home institution with an excellent track record of either publications, treated cases or performed surgeries.

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