What is a medical second opinion?

Do you need a medical second opinion? Find out more about how the process works, what the advantages are and who can benefit from it with our FAQ.
A medical second opinion or short second opinion is an additional evaluation of the first indication given by an attending physician.

Why might you need a second opinion?

The independent review of a medical indication is intended to correct any error on time and minimize risks associated with the therapy proposed.

Many doctors already advise their patients to ask another doctor’s opinion before a major surgery to ensure the best possible treatment in difficult situations.

Some medical insurance companies are also offering to search for appropriate physicians to provide the patient with a contact point.

In the United States, medical second opinions are already mandatory before certain surgeries.

Who should seek out a second opinion?

A medical second opinion serves as a decision support and is available to any patient.

If a patient has doubts about diagnosis or treatment recommended by his attending physician, a second opinion may bring certainty: no physician can be a specialist in all areas of his department.

Before risky medical procedures a patient can make sure by obtaining a second opinion that he or she is well informed and possible alternatives are clear to him or her.

As a result, patients are able to make fully informed and optimal decisions.

A medical second opinion serves as a decision support and is available to any patient.

Which diseases should you seek a second opinion for?

The highest amounts of surgeries are found in the fields of orthopedics (spine, knee and hip) and cardiology (pacemakers and heart catheterization).

It has been shown in recent publications of health insurance companies that many diagnoses can be treated without surgery.

Recent studies (OECD "volume growth in the hospital sector," AOK Hospital Report 2013 "Quantity dynamics: More quantity - more benefits") show that the number of performed surgeries has strongly increased and that, for example, spinal surgeries could be avoided in up to 87% of the cases.

Especially with such surgeries proposed, obtaining a second opinion is highly recommended.

Where can you get a second opinion?

An online medical second opinion from renowned experts can be found on the platform www.medexo.com
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