How does a medical screening work

Health screening can give us important information on our health status. Rainer Arendt (MD) talks about the work at Double Check and about disease screening. We want to find out what is done in a medical check, advantages and costs.
Rainer Arendt (MD) is a specialist for internal medicine and cardiology. He is the responsible physician at the renowned check up center Double Check in Zurich. In this interview, he talks about medical checks, gives details about what is necessary and done as well as the costs.

How can a full medical check-up contribute to one’s well-being?

To learn that you are in excellent health gives peace of mind. To uncover hidden risks gives opportunity to intervene early on and change track, it will assure that you stay in charge of your own health, and in part, of your own fate.

„Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health!“

Is there a certain age or other conditions that make a health screening advisable? Are there different ones for women and men?

Health screening starts from birth and continues through childhood.

It is advisable to periodically check your health throughout life, of course, the number of exams that are suggested will increase with age, if there are no perceivable risks comprehensive scans should start at 40.

Lets say, there is a 55 year-old succesful business man. He works hard since he is in a responsible position in his company. At times when projects need to be done, working might last until late at night. Thus, free time is a scarce luxury. However, once a week he goes out with the dog. Futher, he tries to eat healthy food. Sometimes, this is difficult with various lunch meetings during the week. Nevertheless, he feels very healthy. Should this person consult a health screening clinic?

Certainly. Fifty percent of individuals who will have a heart attack or die from sudden cardiac death will never notice any symptoms before the first deleterious event.

Waiting for symptoms is an unwise health strategy.

What diseases can a medical check-up doctor diagnose?

Almost every disease can be discovered early on, furthermore, hidden risks or traits can be uncovered.

How much time does it take and what screening tests are done?

A comprehensive check can be done in one day, including personal pre-counseling and medical exam, blood tests, vaccine history and profile completion (dietary habits, physical activity), cognitive check, including eye pressure measurement, hearing test, sight and field of vision test, performance analysis of the heart, and cardiopulmonary system, plus endoscopy and additional imaging technologies, as well as special cancer screenings.

It is advisable to periodically check your health throughout life. . .

Dr. Arendt

What are the costs for such a visitation?

Costs for individual checks start at CHF 2‘800 and go up to CHF 4‘480 for executive checks or CHF 6‘940 for executive checks plus additional imaging.
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