Follow a not-for-profit brain surgery operation live on Twitter

One of the world’s top neurosurgeons, Dr. Evaldas Cesnulis, will lead a team of Swiss doctors in performing some cases of brain surgery for charity in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Dr. Cesnulis and his team are offering a unique opportunity to learn more about an extremely specialist field of medical science. Follow the operation live on Friday November 16th 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan at 16.00h (10am GMT) the Premium Europe Twitter feed @premium_medical #brainsurgery

World-class neurosurgery comes to Kazakhstan

Dr. Evaldas Cesnulis is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who has carried out over 2500 brain and spinal operations.

Originally from Lithuania, Dr. Cesnulis has an extensive professional background in neurosurgery and operates a private practice in Zürich, Switzerland.

His special interest lies in the surgical treatment of tumours and vascular disorders of the brain, including complicated skull base surgery.

In November this year, he will lead a team of Swiss doctors in performing several operations in Astana, Kazakhstan to remove brain tumours.

The Swiss team will undertake this delicate operation on a charitable basis, offering their time and expertise entirely at their own expense.

As well as performing the operation for the benefit of the patient, the Swiss team will offer mentorship to Kazakh doctors at the medical facility in Astana.

An educational mission

Dr.Cesnulis explains their mission:

“Being able to perform this operation is not just an act of charity towards a patient in need of the most advanced medical care. It’s also an opportunity to act as mentors to the medical team in Astana, and to transfer the extensive knowledge available in Switzerland.”

The idea of transferring knowledge is the background to the live Twitter feed.

By offering a rare glimpse into the highly specialist field of neuroscience, Dr.Cesnulis would like to help the non-medical public better understand this area of medicine.

He underlines the motivation for developing the live Twitter feed:

“Neurosurgery is of course an exceptionally specialist discipline. But we neurosurgeons should use all the tools available to us to share the expertise we have gained over a long career of training.”

Everyone is welcome to tune into the Twitter feed and discover more about the mysterious world of brain surgery.

The stream of updates is aimed at anyone who is fascinated by the way the brain works, and special efforts will be made to explain the procedure in non-technical language.

We neurosurgeons should use all the tools available to us to share the expertise we have gained over a long career of training.

Dr. Evaldas Cesnulis

Brain surgery live on Twitter

The operation and Twitter feed will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan Friday November 16th 2012 at 16.00h (10am GMT) For updates sign up by following @premium_medical and #brainsurgery
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