About rhinoplasty and how it is done

Dr. Cédric A. George, a top plastic surgeon from Zurich, is sharing expert information about rhinoplasty and nose corrections.
Who hasn’t ever thought, “My nose is too big, too small, just not right...”? Dr. Cédric A. George, founder of the clinic Pyramide am See and practicing plastic surgeon is talking about how he can help, what is important and how a nose correction is done.

Dr. George, you can help people by doing a rhinoplasty. What should good rhinoplasty look like?

As with all aesthetic interventions, but especially for facial operations, it is important to achieve a natural result. An operated nose shouldn’t show the operation. It has to blend harmoniously into the face as if the fit has always been there.

With regard to the shape of the nose, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ nose. The overall picture is crucial to me. I can only do noses that suit a person according to my sense of aesthetics. I can’t commit myself to special requests which I can’t make sense of from an aesthetic point of view.

How is a nose correction procedure carried out? How do you decide what the changed nose should look like afterwards?

Using photography and drawings as the basis for the procedure, we carefully plan the correction of the nasal shape and discuss it with the patient.

The correction of the nose is either solved by a small incision at the columella, or by a closed procedure from inside, which means there will be no visible scars.

During the surgery, the shape and size of the nose are adjusted by removing and shaping the bones and cartilage of the nasal skeleton and septum from inside. In case of an additional deviation of the septum, it is important to pay special attention to the improvement of breathing.

Afterwards, the nose is filled with a tamponade and is stabilized by a cast from outside. When the cast is removed, about one week later, you can already see the new shape of the nose.

In the following weeks, the swellings caused by the surgery disappear gradually, which means that the final result of the nasal correction should be evaluated after 6 months. It’s possible that the contour of the operated nose will change slightly within the first year after the rhinoplasty. In rare cases, a small subsequent correction may be required.

Are there any lifestyle changes or healing measures which should be taken into account after nose operation?

The intervention can cause haematoma and swelling of the eye and cheek area. These gradually disappear, within the first few days to weeks after the surgery.

Certainly, nose and face should be immobilised immediately after the operation. Usually, patients stay at home for one week. Physical exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks.

I can’t commit myself to special requests which I can’t make sense of from an aesthetic point of view.

Dr. George

How much does a nose correction typically cost?

A nose correction costs about 12’000 CHF. However, as with all cosmetic procedures, the final price has to be calculated on an individual basis.

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