Non-surgical lifts and aesthetic treatments: what’s on offer?

Aesthetic treatments these days don’t necessarily need invasive surgery to be effective. We asked Dr Véronique Emmenegger, medical director and co-founder of the leading Swiss aesthetic centre Clinic Lémanic, for her advice on the options available to you.
The thought of aesthetic procedures might be off-putting but these days there‘s a wide choice of non-surgical treatments on offer that allow you to avoid lengthy recovery periods. We asked Dr Véronique Emmenegger, a renowned expert of lifting treatments at Clinic Lémanic, for her insight.

Is it really possible to achieve good results with non-surgical lifting treatments?

Non-invasive anti-ageing treatments are used for preventive and corrective purposes.

If they are used on patients who are showing signs of medium-level ageing, they are effective and will act to correct the effects of time whilst avoiding more serious surgical operations.

It should be made clear that good results are closely linked to good medical advice, as well as the expertise of the specialist who carries out these treatments.

Non-surgical lifting treatments can act to correct the effects of time whilst avoiding more serious surgical operations.

Dr V. Emmenegger

Are the results comparable to those that can be achieved by surgery?

Yes, if the conditions mentioned above are satisfied. Also, lifting therapies have the advantage of causing neither after effects nor permanent scars.

Which parts of the body can have this type of treatment?

These techniques can be used not just on the face but equally on the body (stomach, thighs and buttocks) with excellent results.

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