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Men are increasingly interested in preserving their natural, youthful good looks but what are the aesthetic treatments that can help them? To find out more about male beauty, we asked Mr Darrell Jacobs of Clinic Lémanic, one of Switzerland’s most exclusive cosmetic clinics.
Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments are traditionally associated with women. However, there is increasing demand from men for a wide range of procedures tailored specifically to their needs.

Here, we talk to Darrell Jacobs, CEO and co-founder of Clinic Lémanic, about the reasons for the increasing demand from men for aesthetic treatments and what his clinic can offer.

1. Do you think there is a trend for male cosmetic surgery?

The cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments offered by our clinic are traditionally associated with female clients and women continue to make up a significant proportion of our clients.

However, we are seeing more and more interest from male clients, in line with general trends in the sector.

2. Why do you think cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly appealing to men?

Women have lived with the pressure to live up to certain ideals of physical appearance for many years.

Increasingly, this pressure exists for men as well and this is reflected in the growing availability of surgeries and treatments tailored specifically to men.

This availability has, in return, made men more aware of the importance of their appearance and of taking good care of their bodies.

Men are increasingly aware of the importance of their appearance and of taking good care of their bodies.

Mr D. Jacobs, Clinic Lémanic

3. What are the cosmetic treatments most in demand by men?

Men are most frequently interested in treatments and procedures which offer quick results, no after-effects and have little or no recovery periods, allowing them to continue immediately with their personal and professional lives.

Typically, these are non-invasive procedures such as cryolipolysis, radio frequency and ultrasound therapy.

Another area which is very popular amongst male clients is hairloss treatments, and we have seen a strong increase in demand for this type of procedures.

4. Do you offer special services for men interested in plastic surgery?

All our clients, whether male or female, receive the same personal attention with regard to cosmetic surgeries so that they are fully aware of the risks and benefits of the treatment.

Our clinic devotes a significant amount of time to each patient to make sure that they are well-informed and that their needs and expectations are met.

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Clinic Lémanic is a leading aesthetic clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. It offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments for men and women, and is renowned for the expertise of its doctors.
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