How to cure hair loss or how to remove hair permanently

Hair can be a source of embarrassment and affect your self-confidence when there’s too much or too little of it. We asked Dr Véronique Emmenegger, medical director and co-founder of Clinic Lémanic, for her expert insight into the treatments available for dealing with hair when you don’t like what nature gave you.
Many people feel uncomfortable about their hair growth, whether that‘s because of thinning hair and fear of baldness or because of excess body hair that makes you feel self-conscious. Help, however, may be on the horizon. 

Treatment for hair loss

A diagnosis session before treatment means the problem can be evaluated and the very best advice given. Depending on the degree of the problem, different options are available, such as:

● Laser treatment
● Different physical methods, which include oxygen therapy, various mechanical stimuli and several types of growth factor
● Classical medication
● Pigment tattoos
● Hair grafts

Obviously, these methods can be combined or proposed on an individual basis, depending on the initial medical advice.

Laser epilation is the current gold standard of permanent hair removal.

Dr V. Emmenegger

Excess hair growth

Clinic Lémanic was one of the first clinics in Europe to offer laser epilation, the current gold standard of epilation.

This treatment has the advantage of being permanent, quick and particularly effective in only a few sessions. Dark , thick hair that is spread over a large area of the body is the most suited to this treatment.

Of course, other methods are possible such as ultrasound, which is painless and applicable for all colours of hair. The so-called “traditional” methods have distinctly lost their impact.

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Dr Emmenegger is the Medical Director and Co-founder of Clinic Lémanic in Switzerland. Clinic Lémanic is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Switzerland and offers a wide range of treatments for excess hair growth and hair loss.
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