Advantages of getting all your dental implants in a day

In this exclusive interview, medical expert Dr. Andreas Jahnigen explains the process of getting immediate loading implants so that you can get the smile you always dreamed of even on the same day as extraction.
Having beautiful teeth is not only a matter of aesthetics but also a matter of health. As all dentists point out, it is in our mouth that we begin to process what we eat and therefore what nurtures us. For this reason, we have turned to dentist and implantologist Dr. Andreas Jahnigen for advice on dental implants.

Is it possible to get new teeth in one day?

Yes. It is possible. We do this frequently, however the indication has to be correct. You can’t do it in every case. There are multiple contributing factors that need to be considered.

For example, if the patient has multiple implants in the lower jaw you can do it because you can stabilize the implants by joining them together with a temporary bridge thereby reducing the amount of forces on them. So this is a reasonable reliable method of treatment.

In the upper jaw, because the bone is softer, the primary stability is lower compared to the lower jaw. To have a single implant in the posterior region of the upper jaw, immediately loaded with an implant crown, I would not consider.

For people requiring bone reconstruction, the possibility of using immediate loading implants is much lower. In these cases the 2-stage process is a more reliable way to proceed.

What is the procedure of dental implants?

The patient comes in for a consultation. The implantologist researches and assesses the problem. This is followed by a consulation where options for the patient are discussed. In many cases, a CT scan is done to determine wether it’s best to have a 3D surgical guide.

What‘s good about the 3D surgical guide, if well planned and if there is no need for bone reconstruction, all the implantologist has to do is place the implant, thereby reducing the need of cutting the gum.

How are implants done?

Assuming there is sufficient bone and you do not need bone reconstruction, it is a straightforward procedure. The patient can have the implants placed flapless. This means that you do not have to cut the gums.

With a 3D surgical guide, you can place the implants in an exact pre-planned position. You can place the healing abutments straight away. This can be done in an hour. 

You can then discuss if the patient wants immediate loading. If it is stable, it is fine. In this case, an immediate loaded implant means that a patient can come in and can then leave with new teeth straight away.

Alternately, the 2-Stage process requires that the patient waits approximately 2-6 months until the implant is integrated. Once the implant has integrated, the permanent crown can be placed.

What is a realistic scenario for the implantation of new teeth without compromising quality?

The realistic scenario, is that if one does not want to pay the money for a 3-D surgical guide, as this typically can add another 400€ to the cost; the patient would have to trust the capabilities of the implantologist to place the implant correctly in 3-dimensions. You get what you pay for. Ideally, if you use a 3-D guide, it ensures proper placement of the implant.

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