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Interview with Dr. Cédric A. George, a leading expert in the field of plastic surgery, shares his knowledge about breast augmentations, reductions and lifts.
Dr. Cédric A. George is a well-known plastic surgeon in Switzerland and the founder of the private clinic Pyramide am See in Zurich. As an expert in the field of breast surgeries, he gave us an interview about methods, as well as problems of breast augemtations and reductions.

What different options do you offer to women who are thinking about breast surgery?

We can offer the whole range of surgical breast interventions: breast augmentations, breast reductions, mastopexy, correction of deformities, breast cancer treatment, breast reconstruction after breast cancer.
The best method is the one which corresponds best to a patient’s particular needs and medical circumstances

Dr. George

Which are the best breast augmentation methods?

The best method is the one which corresponds best to a patient’s particular needs and medical circumstances: basically, it should be the method which achieves the best aesthetic results for the least risk.

Breast augmentation using implants has been successfully carried out for many years and in most cases would be the first choice of treatment method.

Reconstructing breasts following breast cancer has given us good experience in working with a patient’s own body tissue. In certain cases, injections of fat harvested from a patient can be used to carry out minor augmentation procedures or in addition to a breast augmentation.

Which type of materials and breast implants do you use?

Ever since low-quality breast implants caused a wide-spread scandal in Europe in 2012, we only use implants of the highest quality. We use silicone-implants produced by the company Allergan®. They are known for their undisputed quality and high security standards. As a result, they are a little bit more expensive.

If a woman decides she would like a breast augmentation, what is your advice on how she can be sure of the procedure being carried out with the highest quality materials?

She should ask her doctor explicitly for the brand of the implants or the name of the manufacturer.

Every patient has the right to obtain accurate and precise information about the materials used and the security standards they meet.

What does the patient need to think about after surgery?

The chest should be protected and immobilised to a certain extent. This will help ensure that the implants are properly accepted by your body and that the scars disappear as far as possible.

Gentle exercise is usually possible after 4 weeks, in consultation with your doctor. However, patients should be aware that breast implants may be rejected by their body as foreign bodies. This will require subsequent surgery.

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