Leading Swiss plastic surgeon on botox treatments

As botox treatments are a continous boom, Dr. Cédric A. George gave us an interview sharing expert information about these look changing treatments.
Dr. Cédric A. George is an eminent plastic surgeon at Zurich‘s famous private clinic Pyramide am See. Here, he is sharing his expert knowledge about botox treatments.

What is Botox and what can it be used for in the field of cosmetic surgery?

For smoothing facial expression that have caused wrinkles in the facial area (e.g. glabellar frown lines).

Do you generally have good experiences with the application of botox injections?

Yes, the injections are proven to work, and as long as they are accurately applied they are very effective and, therefore, very popular.

Are there alternative drugs to botox injections that can be used to treat wrinkles?

Deep wrinkles, e. g. the nasolabial grooves, can be treated with filling materials (so-called fillers).

How much does it cost for botox injections?

It costs about 500 to 1‘000 CHF.

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