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There are many options available for those of us who want to preserve our youthful beauty and new technology means that there is an increasing variety of anti-ageing treatments that don’t require major surgery. Dr Blum, a cosmetic doctor at Switzerland’s exclusive Clinic Lémanic, guides us through the world of beauty injections and what they can do for you.
Hear the term “beauty injections” and botox usually springs to mind. However, there are a range of anti-ageing injections available. To find out more, we talk to Dr Blum, cosmetic doctor at the Clinic Lémanic, about the advantages of the different treatments available.

1. What kind of injections are available to improve our looks?

Most people will think of botox when beauty injections are mentioned, but there is a whole range of less well-known anti-ageing treatments which might be a better solution for your beauty needs.

Some examples: fillers, such as hyraluronic acid; bio-stimulants such as Sculptra; bio-agents like Platelet Rich Plasma or stem cell treatments.

2. How do they work and what are the benefits?

Each treatment works in a different way and has different benefits, depending which problem is being targeted.

A filler or a bio-stimulant will help you recreate volume lost from your face

A bio-agent or stem cell treatment helps the skin to regrow and also improves the quality of the new growth. Another treatment is carboxitherapy, which is a procedure involving carbon dioxide

This anti-ageing treatment improves the circulation and drainage of the skin, so toxins and waste are removed.

There is a whole range of less well-known anti-ageing treatments which might be a better solution for your beauty needs than Botox.

Dr Blum, Clinic Lémanic

3. Are there any disadvantages to these types of injections?

There should be no disadvantages at all as long as they are carried out by well-trained, experienced professionals who have taken the time to understand the patient’s conditions, needs and expectations.

The quality of the product is also highly important. A good quality, bio-degradable product will produce the optimum results.

4. Which treatment is right for me?

Choosing the appropriate treatment depends on a number of factors, including general health, age and the condition of the skin.

The injections should also be a part of a whole treatment package, including in depth analysis before the treatment and adequate information for follow-up.

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