International all-girls boarding school – Surval Montreux

Private boarding school near Lake Geneva - Surval Montreux

With a superb location and breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, Surval Montreux is one of the best boarding schools for girls in Switzerland.



Located at the northern tip of Lac Leman is Montreux, a secure, welcoming, and civilized municipality with over 25,000 locals. It showcases spectacular sights across the waters to the French Alps and has its own unique café culture and waterfront walkway.

It also takes pride in having an exceptional transportation network where residents and tourists can experience a shorter travel time of 1.5 hours or less to the Geneva airport and merely 3 hours to both Paris and Milan by train.

Possessing a magnificent hillside setting above Montreux Surval is a former hotel with terraces, balconies, and adjoining facilities.


Surval Montreux, a distinctive international boarding school in Switzerland, houses up to 60 teenage girls between the ages of 12 to 19 years old.

It exudes an affectionate and fostering family atmosphere as it offers one of a kind and customizable programs that cater to the strengths and weaknesses of each of its students.

Surval girls would get to experience the uplifting and secure environment above Lake Geneva hovering the remarkable views across the gleaming waters to the frosty alpine tops.


Surval Montreux provides a vast extent of academic programs such as the globally competitive IGCSE/A level and American High School Program, a manifold of exciting Winter and Summer camps, and its very own pre-university preparation program known as the Surval Swiss Gap Experience that aims to help the students adjust to university life.

Several Surval students eventually opt to develop their knowledge and interest in the following areas: Business Management, Law, and International Relations, and move on to study in exceptional universities within Switzerland and even in other well-developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Extracurricular Activities

Surval Montreux makes use of its breathtaking environment and offers a wide variety of impeccable enrichment activities ranging from student-led clubs and projects, international travel programs, and an extensive opportunity in sports.

Core Values

Surval is firm in empowering its young girls to take part in activities that would help them gain and exemplify their interest in the following: the English and French Language, the Arts, Culture, Business, and Charity to mold them into competent and excellent individuals in the future.

It is the sole school in Switzerland that teaches Etiquette, allowing its students to comprehend and respect diverse cultures as each Surval girl conducts herself in a non-discriminating manner. This 'Globalizing' experience is taken to heart and is regarded as the way of life for each Surval student.

Surval Montreux is not your typical average school. Instead, it focuses on its distinctive core values: passion, enthusiasm, and unbiased global perspective in which families can expect something different and sensational from their daughters in the future.



Programmes of Study

  • Academic programs

    Surval Swiss Gap Experience (pre university finishing programme) / A Level / GCSE / EAL / US High School Diploma / ESL

  • Extra Curricular

    International Award / Army fitness / Ice skating / Art / Model United Nations / Debating Club / Theatre / Horse-riding / Football / Snowboarding / Skiing / Tennis / Cycling / Charity & Fundraising

  • Tuition / Fees

    • Boarding Tuition

      CHF 87’000 (American High School/IGCSE/A-Levels/Pre-University) / CHF 78’000 (Foundation Year)

    • Teaching Environment

      • Total Enrollment


      • Teacher - Student Ratio


      • Languages

        • Main language


        • Language courses offered

          Italian / French / Spanish / German / ESL/EAL / Russian

        • Students

          • Age of Entry


          • Age of Entry to Boarding Houses


          • Boarding

            • Full Boarding


            • Day Students


            • University Preparation

              • Preparation Course

                Yes / UCAS Preparation

              • University Counselling


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