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Montreux International School: A Renowned IB Business School
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The elite Montreux International School allows tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to specialize in business, hospitality or digital marketing through its International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme. With an international mindset, small class sizes, exclusive English language tuition, and advanced pedagogical techniques, MIS gives students a step up to succeed in the business world.


Montreux International School lies in the gorgeous lakeside town of Montreux. Nestled on Lake Geneva’s eastern edge, the village enjoys spectacular views of the shimmering lake and the ice-capped Alps.

Montreux is easy to reach from anywhere in Europe via Switzerland’s fast and efficient railway network. Geneva is only a one-hour train ride away, while Zurich can be reached in two hours and a half by car. Both cities have large international airports with connections to most major destinations on Earth.


Montreux International School is the flagship institute of the newly formed VIE Education group, the brainchild of esteemed pedagogical professionals Jon Halligan and Damian Bacchoo. The group breaks away from time-old traditions by teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in later life —“lifeworthy learning.”

The renowned business school enrols students aged between 16 and 19 into its International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme, all of whom will specialize in digital marketing, hospitality or business. Class sizes are small to foster enhanced teacher interaction, and an inclusive internationally-minded community encourages students from diverse backgrounds to thrive.

Core Values:

Four fundamental values underscore every classroom at Montreux International School.

Courage and Innovation: Students challenge well-established education and business norms, concocting new ideas — no matter how big or small — to improve best practices.

Social Change: Students learn in an environmentally conscious classroom and contribute to the local community in meaningful ways, thus helping construct a sustainable society for generations to come.

Future Focused: Students learn the knowledge and skills required to flourish both now and in the future, setting them up for the challenging decades to come.

Diversity & Inclusion: Students work alongside international pupils from diverse ethnic backgrounds, fostering a tolerant community with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.


Montreux International School offers a Career-related Programme (CP) with the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) specializing in the business, hospitality and digital marketing sector.

The two-year programme, designed for students aged 16 to 19, blends the practical, real-world component of the CP with the IB’s academic rigour for optimal results. The programme comprises of three separate parts: the CP Core Programme, the IB Diploma Programme (DP), and the Career-Related Study.

Upon graduation, most students move onto tertiary education at a prestigious universities across the world —the IBCP Programme is recognized by the world’s top universities. Some students, however, will harness the skills and expertise learned in the programme to move directly into employment within the business realm.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Montreux International School uses extra-curricular activities as a cornerstone of the programme, allowing students to pursue individual interests and develop lifelong skills. Some extra-curricular activities enhance the classroom curriculum, while others encourage students to explore new interests. Examples of extra-curricular activities include debating competitions, student governance, and charity drives.


Montreux International School: A Renowned International Business School

Telephone number: +41 79 471 27 69
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Programmes of Study

  • Academic programs

    IBCP - Career Related Program & Extended BTEC

  • Extra Curricular

    Tennis / Music / Football / Film Club / Dance / Basketball / Badminton / Theatre / Chess Club / Debating Club / Volleyball / Art / Table Tennis / Yoga

Tuition / Fees

  • Boarding Tuition

    CHF 45,000 - 67,000 Senior years only

  • Scholarships

    Vie - Education Scholarship 20%

  • Day Tuition

    CHF 25,000 Senior years only

Teaching Environment

  • Setting


  • Total Enrollment


  • Teacher - Student Ratio


  • Average Class Size



  • Main language


  • Language courses offered

    French / German / Mandarin


  • Boys


  • Girls


  • Age of Entry


  • Age of Entry to Boarding Houses



  • Full Boarding


  • Flexi-boarding


University Preparation

  • Preparation Course

    UCAS Preparation

  • Career Counselling


  • University Counselling


  • Senior School Counselling


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