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Institut auf dem Rosenberg – International Boarding School in Switzerland
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Learning through books is one thing, but learning through experience is another. The Institut auf dem Rosenberg provides both. Since 1889, this Swiss boarding school has been providing quality education, creating a stable environment for all its students. Honing and equipping every student to reach - even go beyond their potential through academics and extracurricular programs.


Overlooking the historical city of St. Gallen, this Swiss international school is located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, less than an hour away from Zurich Airport. Students coming from the Munich International Airport can expect a 3-hour journey.

The campus is set in a 100’000 m2 of private parkland, with teaching and boarding school facilities accommodated in carefully restored and beautifully maintained art-nouveau villas.


Institut auf dem Rosenberg combines rich tradition with a unique, contemporary and state-of-the-art approach to education.

The philosophy of this boarding school in Switzerland is based on the vision that education must inspire, open new insights and create awareness for the opportunities and challenges of a deeply interconnected world.

The vast majority of families have entrepreneurial backgrounds and choose this Swiss boarding school to enable their sons and daughters to assume future leadership roles, either in their family business or in other fields such as philanthropy, investment or the arts.

Rosenberg is a comparably small Swiss elite boarding school, with 230 students from over 45 different nations, creating a vibrant student community that lays the foundation for a valuable future network.


Institut auf dem Rosenberg values good teaching, and it matters that every student will be taught well. Given the goal, they ensure great choice of academic programs and every class has a good ratio of teacher and students (1:3). Through this, students receive enough attention from their teachers as well as focus on the topics they are studying.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg believes keen learners start young. Hence, they offer education as early as Kindergarten or Preschool to children. During the Preschool years, children are preparing for their transition from the home environment to a formal school setting.

After their Kindergarten or Preschool, they can now enter Primary School, where they are offered two languages - English and German together with other subjects like Math, English. Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

As they forward to Middle School, students have the option to continue their path of studying English or “The German Enrichment Option” (GEO), if they wish to reach a required level of the bilingual road. Through GEO - students can learn different subjects in German, allowing them to practice more and be fluent.

High School combines the American and British curriculum to prepare students of the path they want to take in the next level of their education. They also offer Advanced Level Programmes, known to be a challenging but truly comprehensive program, allowing students to access universities around the globe - of their choice.

Extracurricular Activities

Not only Institut auf dem Rosenberg values academics, but they also value outdoor learnings and skills which can be taken from outside classroom activities. They are renowned for their Talent & Enrichment program which prepares them for their life outside.

Under the Talent & Enrichment program umbrella, there are over 40 different co-curricular courses offered where students can choose to perform arts, fashion designing, hospitality management, medical sciences, robotics, and artificial sciences, public speaking, international law, and many more.

And what are extracurricular activities without sports? Of course, Institut auf dem Rosenberg also offers over 30 courses related to different kinds of sports.

Summer Camp

Camp at Institut auf dem Rosenberg is not only for summer because they also have winter camps students can enjoy. During these camps, students can enroll in different language lessons, sports, as well as discover and develop new skills.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg has junior and senior summer camps.

Junior camp is ideal for students aged 6-13 years old, while senior summer camp is ideal for students aged 14-18 years former. Junior and senior campers can enjoy different activities such as learning languages like English and German. They can join Junior or Senior Creative lab where they can explore different creative spaces like Engineering, Experimental Science lab, Informatics, Applied Arts, Public Speaking, and many more. If students are into acting, dancing, singing, and performing, they can join Senior Performing Arts to develop their skills more.

Besides academic activities, they can also enjoy sports and outdoor activities to refresh their minds. They can try golf, tennis, horse-riding, personal training, and Switzerland excursions. Spending your kids’ free time with these fantastic activities will not only make their summer or winter memorable but also an excellent way to help them discover more about themselves.

Core Values

Being widely recognised as one of the best boarding schools in Switzerland, Institut auf dem Rosenberg offers you and especially your children quality and state-of-the-art education and school experience.


Institut auf dem Rosenberg offers full boarding services to students. However, they do not cater to weekly boarding services. The school also makes sure to be on top of the cleanliness of the school surrounding as well as the food they serve to keep all students healthy.

Elite Boarding School Education at Institut auf dem Rosenberg

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Programmes of Study

  • Academic programs

    German Abitur / IELTS / US High School Diploma / ESL / EAL / IB Diploma / A-Level

  • Extra Curricular

    Skiing / Tennis / Music / Football / Basketball / Horse-riding / Climbing / Yoga / Acrobatics / International Law / Journalism & Social Media / Hotel Management / Art Portfolio / Wealth Creation & Investment / Biotechnology / Coding & Robotics / Product & Fashion Design / Business Entrepreneurship / Fencing / Personal Training / Hip-Hop & Contemporary Dance / Mountain Biking

Tuition / Fees

  • Boarding Tuition

    CHF 150'000 per year

  • Scholarships

    Not available

Teaching Environment

  • Setting


  • Total Enrollment


  • Teacher - Student Ratio


  • Average Class Size



  • Main language

    German / English

  • Language courses offered

    Spanish / French / German / Portugese / Mandarin / Russian / Arabic / Availability of other languages on demand / Greek / Urdu / EAL / GAL / Turkish


  • Boys


  • Girls


  • Age of Entry to School


  • Age of Entry to Boarding Houses



  • Full Boarding


  • Weekly Boarding


University Preparation

  • Preparation Course

    Yes - Oxbridge / UCAS Preparation

  • Career Counselling


  • University Counselling


  • Senior School Counselling


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