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SurgeON is a private medical service based in Geneva, Switzerland that offers specialist surgical treatment and second opinion services.

About SurgeON

This unique medical company is wholly owned by five highly experienced Swiss surgeons, who personally provide the service offered by SurgeON to patients from around the world. Patients enjoy direct access to the team of founding surgeons as well as the most modern and well-equipped private Swiss clinics, with a particular focus on the Geneva region. This allows a very fast response time, while the team is able to accommodate SurgeON patients in high demand clinics.

Initial Consultation and Second Opinion

SurgeON’s consultation service has no location limits: patients from around the world have access to five Swiss surgeons who will analyse your case with the same thorough dedication they would offer to patients in their own surgery. Where extra specialism is required for more accurate advice, the SurgeON team will suggest the involvement of a board of specialists who will review the case. The process is managed entirely online: patients just need to send their documents and will receive a response within 48 hours with a detailed report.


SurgeON doctors are specialists in general and digestive surgery, covering the fields of cancer surgery, obesity surgery, colon, rectum surgery and proctology, complex abdominal and hiatal hernia surgery. SurgeON uses the latest and safest in surgical procedures including the most advanced, minimally invasive and robotic techniques whenever appropriate. The team prioritises building a trusting relationship with your surgeon at all stages of the treatment journey.

SurgeON can organise every aspect of your medical travel to Switzerland, from initial consultation to post-operative consultations. The team is ready to help with all documentation and visa requests to facilitate patient departures. Once you arrive, you can expect a premium standard of service – SurgeON works with 4* and 5* hotels and the best rehabilitation clinics to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Swiss excellence

In every aspect of your stay, the SurgeON team is there to support you. High quality Swiss healthcare is only one part of the picture: the team also strive to keep a patient’s state of mind healthy by organising anything you need to relax after your operation. Whether that’s a shopping trip or an excursion to appreciate the peaceful beauty of Switzerland’s mountain and lakes is up to you.




  • Coloproctology

    haemorrhoids / anal fissures / anal fistula / anal abscess

  • Obesity

    • Overweight

      bariatric surgery / gastric banding / gastric bypass surgery

    • Gastroenterology

      • Stomach

        gastritis / helicobacter pylori infection / gastric ulcera / gastroscopy

      • Gallbladder

        gallbladder stones / gallbladder infection / gallbladder removal

      • Liver

        chronic liver infection / liver cirrhosis / liver haemangioma

      • Pancreas

        pancreatic cysts / pancreatitis

      • Bowel

        inflammatory bowel disease / chronic diarrhoea / colonoscopy

      • Pancreatic Tumors

        • Pancreatic adenocarcinoma

          chemotherapy of pancreatic cancer / pancreatic carcinoma resection

        • Precancerous pancreatic cyst

          cyst surgery

        • Stomach Tumors

          • Gastric cancer

            chemotherapy of gastric cancer / gastric cancer resection

          • MALT lymphoma

            radiotherapy of MALT lymphoma

          • Esophageal Tumors

            • Squamous-cell carcinoma

              chemotherapy of esophagus cancer / radiation of esophageal cancer / esophageal tumor surgery

            • Barrett’s esophagus

              photodynamic therapy

            • Bowel Tumors

              • Colon cancer

                chemotherapy of colon cancer / colon surgery

              • Rectal cancer

                radiation of rectal cancer / rectal cancer resection

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