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Leading Rheumatology clinic in Basel with the best treatments
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Discover more about the facilities at Klinik Birshof and its Rheumatology specialists.
Discover more about the facilities at Klinik Birshof and its Rheumatology specialists.


Klinik Birshof is an exclusive private hospital located in the North-West of Switzerland. The clinic features high standard medical and accommodation services as well as highly qualified doctors. The affiliated doctors are knowledgeable and experienced to provide first-class medical treatment and health care for their patients.


It is quite guaranteed that patients get first class medical care from the team of highly experienced attached doctors and in-house physicians at Klinik Birshof. The doctors work in close cooperation and provide a broad range of customized medical services to their patients.

Klinik Birshof is a member of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, and draws on the medical expertise and research from its centres of excellence, providing patients with a comprehensive yet individual-private medical care plan. The clinic’s wards are always in operation and an anaesthetics team is permanently on call. The clinic strives to satisfy the most tasking medical expectations and is run by a watchful quality control team.

Areas of Specialization:

Klinik Birshof in Basle specialises in a range of surgical procedures and advanced treatments. This includes orthopaedic and hand surgery, spinal and sports medicine, rheumatology to reconstructive, Maxillofacial, visceral, vascular and plastic surgery. The clinic also thrives in professional aftercare such as physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and occupational therapy that are meant to facilitate total recovery.

Facts and Figures:

Established in 1991, Klinik Birshof has about 73 affiliate and salaried doctors, and over 250 experienced employees dedicated to helping their patients recover quickly. The hospital features a range of modern infrastructure including 48 comfortable beds.

Klinik Birshof in Basel specialising in Rheumatology

Telephone number: +41 848 333 999
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The clinic also offers


  • Hand

    carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Spine

    spinal disc hernation / spinal fusion

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